Intel patents granted on 21 June 2016

48 US patents granted on 21 June 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,374,827 Licensed shared access for long term evolution
2 9,374,806 Dynamic hybrid automatic repeat request-acknowledgement (HARQ-ACK) transmission with enhanced physical downlink control channels
3 9,374,789 Maintaining network services across multiple physical interfaces
4 9,374,783 Enhanced node B, user equipment and methods for discontinuous reception in inter-eNB carrier aggregation
5 9,374,767 Communication devices and methods for network signaling
6 9,374,676 Mobile communication station having selectable position latency for position estimation in a wireless network
7 9,374,626 Use of digital TV bandwidth for web cache pre-loading
8 9,374,618 Interactive visual advertisement service
9 9,374,566 Optical micro-projection system and projection method
10 9,374,542 Image signal processor with a block checking circuit
11 9,374,509 Wearable imaging sensor for communications
12 9,374,402 Apparatus, system and method of supporting streaming over a protocol adaptation layer (PAL)
13 9,374,250 Wireline receiver circuitry having collaborative timing recovery
14 9,374,248 Receiver circuit and method performed by a receiver circuit for determining a channel estimate
15 9,374,202 Method, apparatus, and system for measurement of noise statistics and bit error ratio estimation
16 9,374,197 Methods and arrangements for direct current estimation of a wireless communication packet
17 9,374,162 Semiconductor package with optical port
18 9,374,151 Coverage extension level for coverage limited device
19 9,374,056 Multiband RF device
20 9,374,004 I/O driver transmit swing control
21 9,373,693 Nonplanar III-N transistors with compositionally graded semiconductor channels
22 9,373,588 Stacked microelectronic dice embedded in a microelectronic substrate
23 9,373,584 Methods and apparatuses to form self-aligned caps
24 9,373,395 Apparatus to reduce retention failure in complementary resistive memory
25 9,373,365 Method and apparatus for dynamically adjusting voltage reference to optimize an I/O system
26 9,373,306 Direct viewer projection
27 9,373,182 Memory sharing via a unified memory architecture
28 9,372,993 Methods and apparatus to protect memory regions during low-power states
29 9,372,988 User controllable platform-level trigger to set policy for protecting platform from malware
30 9,372,984 Authenticated launch of virtual machines and nested virtual machine managers
31 9,372,980 Orientation aware authentication on mobile platforms
32 9,372,816 Advanced programmable interrupt controller identifier (APIC ID) assignment for a multi-core processing unit
33 9,372,812 Determining policy actions for the handling of data read/write extended page table violations
34 9,372,807 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
35 9,372,806 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
36 9,372,768 Debug interface
37 9,372,764 Event counter checkpointing and restoring
38 9,372,752 Assisted coherent shared memory
39 9,372,698 Method and apparatus for implementing dynamic portbinding within a reservation station
40 9,372,692 Methods, apparatus, instructions, and logic to provide permute controls with leading zero count functionality
41 9,372,678 Compiler optimization for complex exponential calculations
42 9,372,677 Register liveness analysis for SIMD architectures
43 9,372,663 Direct digital synthesis of signals using maximum likelihood bit-stream encoding
44 9,372,526 Managing a power state of a processor
45 9,372,524 Dynamically modifying a power/performance tradeoff based on processor utilization
46 9,372,507 Adjustable support and a mobile computing device having an adjustable support
47 9,372,501 Block aligner-based dead cycle deskew method and apparatus
48 9,371,676 360 degree hinge assembly for electronic devices