Intel patents granted on 21 October 2008

34 US patents granted on 21 October 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 7,441,272 Techniques for self-isolation of networked devices
2 7,441,270 Connectivity in the presence of barriers
3 7,441,245 Phasing for a multi-threaded network processor
4 7,441,179 Determining a checksum from packet data
5 7,441,146 RAID write completion apparatus, systems, and methods
6 7,441,132 Circuit for enabling dual mode safe power-on sequencing
7 7,441,112 Offloading the processing of a network protocol stack
8 7,441,107 Utilizing an advanced load address table for memory disambiguation in an out of order processor
9 7,441,093 Segmentation management using a rolling window technique
10 7,441,069 Default instruction to hide nonvolatile memory core initialization latency
11 7,441,055 Apparatus and method to maximize buffer utilization in an I/O controller
12 7,440,998 Provisioning for a modular server
13 7,440,994 Method and apparatus for peer-to-peer services to shift network traffic to allow for an efficient transfer of information between devices via prioritized list
14 7,440,730 Device, system and method of multiple transceivers control
15 7,440,632 Technique for performing error diffusion
16 7,440,584 System and method for marking data and document distribution
17 7,440,526 Method and apparatus to acquire frame within transmission
18 7,440,510 Multicarrier transmitter, multicarrier receiver, and methods for communicating multiple spatial signal streams
19 7,440,466 Method, apparatus and system for accessing multiple nodes on a private network
20 7,440,461 Methods and apparatus for detecting patterns in a data stream
21 7,440,423 Channel specification apparatus, systems, and methods
22 7,439,986 Pixel filtering using shared filter resource between overlay and texture mapping engines
23 7,439,804 Amplifier with level shifting feedback network
24 7,439,788 Receive clock deskewing method, apparatus, and system
25 7,439,618 Integrated circuit thermal management method and apparatus
26 7,439,617 Capillary underflow integral heat spreader
27 7,439,608 Symmetric bipolar junction transistor design for deep sub-micron fabrication processes
28 7,439,588 Tri-gate integration with embedded floating body memory cell using a high-K dual metal gate
29 7,439,571 Method for fabricating metal gate structures
30 7,439,179 Healing detrimental bonds in deposited materials
31 7,439,113 Forming dual metal complementary metal oxide semiconductor integrated circuits
32 7,438,997 Imaging and devices in lithography
33 7,438,794 Method of copper electroplating to improve gapfill
34 7,438,580 Intermediate load mechanism for a semiconductor package