Intel patents granted on 21 October 2014

31 US patents granted on 21 October 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,869,294 Mitigating branch prediction and other timing based side channel attacks
2 8,868,992 Robust memory link testing using memory controller
3 8,868,955 Enhanced interconnect link width modulation for power savings
4 8,868,951 Multiple-queue multiple-resource entry sleep and wakeup for power savings and bandwidth conservation in a retry based pipeline
5 8,868,948 Method and system for coordinating link power management with platform power management
6 8,868,947 Fan control for determining a fan speed that is closer to an optimal fan speed based on an amount of measured change in system power consumption and temperature of a processor
7 8,868,891 Method and apparatus to support booting despite deficient resources
8 8,868,887 Programmable event driven yield mechanism which may activate other threads
9 8,868,848 Sharing virtual memory-based multi-version data between the heterogenous processors of a computer platform
10 8,868,836 Reducing minimum operating voltage through hybrid cache design
11 8,868,653 Peer discovery and connection management based on context sensitive social networks
12 8,868,632 Methods and apparatus for predicting an underflow condition associated with a floating-point multiply-add operation
13 8,868,067 Identifying coverage holes using inter-rat handover measurements
14 8,868,034 Secure wireless device area network of a cellular system
15 8,868,022 Broadband transconductance amplifier
16 8,867,680 Circuitry system and method for connecting synchronous clock domains of the circuitry system
17 8,867,665 Communication systems and methods supporting multiple modulation techniques
18 8,867,660 Method and system to measure and compensate undue DCO frequency peaks at GFSK ramp down
19 8,867,609 Dynamically configuring a video decoder cache for motion compensation
20 8,867,559 Managing starvation and congestion in a two-dimensional network having flow control
21 8,867,476 Small data communications in a wireless communication network
22 8,867,460 Techniques to assign identifiers in a wireless network
23 8,866,831 Shared virtual memory between a host and discrete graphics device in a computing system
24 8,866,830 Memory controller interface for micro-tiled memory access
25 8,866,650 Apparatus, systems and methods for for digital testing of ADC/DAC combination
26 8,866,308 High density interconnect device and method
27 8,866,290 Molded heat spreaders
28 8,866,287 Embedded structures for package-on-package architecture
29 8,866,247 Photonic device with a conductive shunt layer
30 8,865,376 EUVL process structure fabrication methods
31 8,863,383 Integrated heat spreader and method of fabrication