Intel patents granted on 22 April 2008

57 US patents granted on 22 April 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 7,363,595 Method and apparatus for analog compensation of driver output signal slew rate against device impedance variation
2 7,363,569 Correcting for data losses with feedback and response
3 7,363,559 Detection of tap register characteristics
4 7,363,551 Systems and methods for measuring signal propagation delay between circuits
5 7,363,523 Method and apparatus for controlling power management state transitions
6 7,363,517 Methods and apparatus to manage system power and performance
7 7,363,491 Resource management in security enhanced processors
8 7,363,482 Method and apparatus to support remote configuration code
9 7,363,477 Method and apparatus to reduce misprediction penalty by exploiting exact convergence
10 7,363,476 Method and apparatus to support an expanded register set
11 7,363,474 Method and apparatus for suspending execution of a thread until a specified memory access occurs
12 7,363,473 System for dynamic service provisioning
13 7,363,471 Apparatus, system, and method of dynamic binary translation supporting a denormal input handling mechanism
14 7,363,467 Dependence-chain processing using trace descriptors having dependency descriptors
15 7,363,464 Apparatus and method for reduction of processor power consumption
16 7,363,430 Determination of cache entry for future operation
17 7,363,411 Efficient system management synchronization and memory allocation
18 7,363,401 Method and apparatus for controlling bus transactions depending on bus clock frequency
19 7,363,395 Intermediate device capable of communicating using different communication protocols
20 7,363,393 Chipset feature detection and configuration by an I/O device
21 7,363,389 Apparatus and method for enhanced channel adapter performance through implementation of a completion queue engine and address translation engine
22 7,363,379 Access point association history in wireless networks
23 7,363,355 Transparent disconnected services discovery and use
24 7,363,338 Selective assembly loading and execution based on platform capabilities
25 7,363,320 Method and system for correlating data from multiple sources without compromising confidentiality requirements
26 7,363,245 Electronic product packaging and distribution for e-Commerce
27 7,362,899 Methods for estimating the position and shape of lips and for estimating the position of teeth in a sequence of digital images of a human face
28 7,362,839 Techniques to adjust vertical offset
29 7,362,837 Method and apparatus for clock deskew
30 7,362,822 Recursive reduction of channel state feedback
31 7,362,759 Method and apparatus for encoding information
32 7,362,739 Methods and apparatuses for detecting clock failure and establishing an alternate clock lane
33 7,362,621 Register file with a selectable keeper circuit
34 7,362,580 Electronic assembly having an indium wetting layer on a thermally conductive body
35 7,362,377 Spatio-temporal adaptive video de-interlacing
36 7,362,316 Light modulator having pixel memory decoupled from pixel display
37 7,362,310 Systems and methods to move a keyboard
38 7,362,246 High speed comparator offset correction
39 7,362,203 Multi-tap microelectromechanical inductor
40 7,362,199 Collapsible contact switch
41 7,362,153 Receiver latch circuit and method
42 7,362,090 Automated tray transfer device for prevention of mixing post and pre-test dies, and method of using same
43 7,361,994 System to control signal line capacitance
44 7,361,988 Apparatuses and methods to route line to line
45 7,361,969 Controlled equivalent series resistance capacitor
46 7,361,958 Nonplanar transistors with metal gate electrodes
47 7,361,842 Apparatus and method for an embedded air dielectric for a package and a printed circuit board
48 7,361,821 Controlled alignment of nanobarcodes encoding specific information for scanning probe microscopy (SPM) reading
49 7,361,538 Transistors and methods of manufacture thereof
50 7,361,522 Growing lower defect semiconductor crystals on highly lattice-mismatched substrates
51 7,361,501 Miniaturized spectrometer using optical waveguide and integrated Raman system on-chip
52 7,361,455 Anti-reflective coatings
53 7,361,410 External modification of composite organic inorganic nanoclusters comprising raman active organic compound
54 7,361,313 Methods for uniform metal impregnation into a nanoporous material
55 7,361,044 Socket that engages a pin grid array
56 7,360,945 Apparatus for determining temperature of a portable computer system
57 7,360,441 Board deflection metrology using photoelectric amplifiers