Intel patents granted on 22 December 2015

38 US patents granted on 22 December 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 9,220,099 Method of protocol abstraction level (PAL) frequency synchronization
2 9,220,085 Selection of acknowledgment timing in wireless communications
3 9,220,081 Access point location discovery in unmanaged networks
4 9,220,054 Enhanced service discovery mechanism in wireless communication system
5 9,220,037 HS-DSCH inter-node B cell change
6 9,220,032 Methods and arrangements for traffic indication mapping in wireless networks
7 9,219,987 Automatic seamless context sharing across multiple devices
8 9,219,801 Implementing a protocol adaptation layer over an internet protocol
9 9,219,725 Method, apparatus, and system for sending credentials securely
10 9,219,623 Adaptive delay base loss equalization
11 9,219,602 Method and system for securely computing a base point in direct anonymous attestation
12 9,219,581 Base station and method for configuring sub-frames for relay-node operations
13 9,219,578 Device, system and method of communicating aggregate data units
14 9,219,531 Device, system and method of wireless communication via one or more antenna assemblies
15 9,219,463 Hybrid common mode choke
16 9,219,452 Dual mode receiver with RF splitter using programmable passive components
17 9,219,411 DC/DC converter, method for providing an output voltage on the basis of an input voltage and computer program
18 9,219,155 Multi-threshold voltage devices and associated techniques and configurations
19 9,219,135 Germanium-based quantum well devices
20 9,219,079 Group III-N transistor on nanoscale template structures
21 9,218,813 Voice and/or facial recognition based service provision
22 9,218,738 Obtaining consumer electronic device state information
23 9,218,679 Reduced bitcount polygon rasterization
24 9,218,678 Multi-view rasterization using an analyticl visibility function
25 9,218,634 System and method for facilitating the execution of law enforcement duties
26 9,218,575 Periodic training for unmatched signal receiver
27 9,218,532 Light ID error detection and correction for light receiver position determination
28 9,218,490 Using a trusted platform module for boot policy and secure firmware
29 9,218,290 Data caching in a network communications processor architecture
30 9,218,184 Processor to execute shift right merge instructions
31 9,218,182 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for performing a shuffle and operation (shuffle-op)
32 9,218,167 Augmenting user interface with additional information
33 9,218,068 Sharing data inputs between multiple peripheral devices and host by converting inputs into operating system independent or specific format(s) based on input device
34 9,218,065 Stress tolerant MEMS accelerometer
35 9,218,046 Methods and apparatuses for controlling thread contention
36 9,218,045 Operating processor element based on maximum sustainable dynamic capacitance associated with the processor
37 9,218,041 Adaptive thermal control of electronic devices
38 9,216,835 Translating application labels