Intel patents granted on 22 March 2011

29 US patents granted on 22 March 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 7,913,236 Method and apparatus for performing dynamic optimization for software transactional memory
2 7,913,147 Method and apparatus for scrubbing memory
3 7,913,101 Method and apparatus for treating a signal
4 7,913,100 Opportunistic initiation of data traffic
5 7,913,099 Dynamic processor operating voltage control in response to a change in a core/bus clock frequency ratio
6 7,913,064 Operation frame filtering, building, and execution
7 7,913,018 Methods and apparatus for halting cores in response to system management interrupts
8 7,913,003 Reclaim algorithm for fast edits in a nonvolatile file system
9 7,913,001 Lane to lane deskewing via non-data symbol processing for a serial point to point link
10 7,912,890 Method and apparatus for decimal number multiplication using hardware for binary number operations
11 7,912,886 Configurable exponent FIFO
12 7,912,491 Techniques to efficiently transmit control messages to idle and sleep mode users in OFDMA based wireless networks
13 7,912,383 Configurable post-amplifiers that are capable of being configured to perform either substantially linear or limiting amplification for use in optical receivers
14 7,912,311 Techniques to filter media signals
15 7,912,134 Frame building in the presence of ARQ-enabled traffic
16 7,912,126 Systems and methods for improved motion estimation
17 7,912,037 Integrating mobility agents for short messaging services
18 7,912,013 Methods and apparatus for providing a roaming support system
19 7,911,997 Quality of service resource negotiation
20 7,911,936 Techniques to reduce overhead in OFDMA based wireless networks
21 7,911,790 Electronic assemblies with high capacity curved and bent fin heat sinks and associated methods
22 7,911,536 Screen filled display of digital video content
23 7,911,323 Radio frequency identification (RFID) tag response modulation
24 7,911,313 Inductors for integrated circuit packages
25 7,911,236 Detection circuit and detection method
26 7,911,052 Nanotube based vapor chamber for die level cooling
27 7,910,462 Growing [110] silicon on [001] oriented substrate with rare-earth oxide buffer film
28 7,909,977 Method of manufacturing a substrate for a microelectronic device, and substrate formed thereby
29 7,909,627 Multi-axis retention mechanism