Intel patents granted on 22 May 2012

22 US patents granted on 22 May 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,185,886 Method and apparatus to enable dynamically activated firmware updates
2 8,185,758 Method and system for determining an energy-efficient operating point of a platform
3 8,185,734 System and method for execution of a secured environment initialization instruction
4 8,185,723 Method and apparatus to extract integer and fractional components from floating-point data
5 8,185,700 Enabling speculative state information in a cache coherency protocol
6 8,185,671 Technique for increasing control and status signal density in a fixed register address space
7 8,185,571 Processor for performing multiply-add operations on packed data
8 8,185,398 Reading device with shortcut read function
9 8,185,102 Reducing co-interference on a multi-radio platform
10 8,185,072 Method and apparatus for power reduction for interconnect links
11 8,185,063 Impedance matched transmitting arrangement
12 8,184,855 Three-level scheme for efficient ball tracking
13 8,184,693 Adaptive filtering for bit-depth scalable video codec
14 8,184,557 Apparatus and method for computer controlled call processing applications in packet switched telephone networks
15 8,184,524 Adaptive puncturing technique for multicarrier systems
16 8,184,422 Overheat detection in thermally controlled devices
17 8,184,001 Smart display device for independent living care
18 8,183,697 Apparatus and methods of forming an interconnect between a workpiece and substrate
19 8,183,692 Barrier layer for fine-pitch mask-based substrate bumping
20 8,183,646 Field effect transistor with narrow bandgap source and drain regions and method of fabrication
21 8,183,556 Extreme high mobility CMOS logic
22 8,183,496 Method of forming a pattern on a work piece, method of shaping a beam of electromagnetic radiation for use in said method, and aperture for shaping a beam of electromagnetic radiation