Intel patents granted on 22 September 2015

73 US patents granted on 22 September 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 D739,400 Electronic computer with an at least partially transparent input device
2 D739,399 Electronic computer with an at least partially transparent input device
3 D739,398 Electronic computer with an at least partially transparent input device
4 D739,385 Remote control
5 9,144,110 Modem devices, application processors, communication devices, methods for controlling a modem device, methods for controlling an application processor, and methods for controlling a communication device
6 9,144,109 Methods and systems for multi-directional time preservation distribution in multi-communication core devices
7 9,144,085 Multicast/broadcast service continuity in multi-carrier networks
8 9,144,077 Radio resource manager devices and radio communication devices
9 9,144,074 Spatial multiplexing in a cellular network
10 9,144,072 Methods and arrangements to assign slots in restricted access windows in wireless networks
11 9,144,047 Methods, wireless communication stations, and system for time synchronization and discovery
12 9,144,020 Dynamic RxDiv for idle mode in a user equipment
13 9,143,996 Small cells implementing multiple air interfaces
14 9,143,984 Mapping of enhanced physical downlink control channels in a wireless communication network
15 9,143,944 Secure peer-to-peer network setup
16 9,143,931 Privacy control for wireless devices
17 9,143,894 Method and system for proximity and context based deduction of position for a GPS enable computing device
18 9,143,767 Method and apparatus for adaptive stable image timing in stereoscopic 3D systems
19 9,143,715 Remote control with capacitive touchpad
20 9,143,525 Integrated network intrusion detection
21 9,143,390 Method and system for a unified system management
22 9,143,369 Adaptive backchannel equalization
23 9,143,314 Low power oversampling with delay locked loop implementation
24 9,143,268 Techniques for UL MU MIMO signaling and error handling
25 9,143,253 Techniques for delivering emergency payloads for non-voice emergency services
26 9,143,232 Trackable wireless optical communication
27 9,143,155 RF DAC with configurable DAC mixer interface and configurable mixer
28 9,143,120 Mechanisms for clock gating
29 9,142,510 3D interconnect structure comprising through-silicon vias combined with fine pitch backside metal redistribution lines fabricated using a dual damascene type approach
30 9,142,482 Transient thermal management systems for semiconductor devices
31 9,142,480 Microelectronic package with high temperature thermal interface material
32 9,142,475 Magnetic contacts
33 9,142,421 Double patterning lithography techniques
34 9,142,347 Semiconductor package with air core inductor (ACI) having a metal-density layer unit of fractal geometry
35 9,142,271 Reference architecture in a cross-point memory
36 9,142,192 Simulation of web applications and secondary devices in a web browser, web application development tools, and methods using the same
37 9,142,167 Thin-film transitor backplane for displays
38 9,142,022 3D object tracking
39 9,142,008 Hierarchical motion blur rasterization
40 9,142,001 Performance allocation method and apparatus
41 9,141,975 Inferring user risk profile from travel patterns
42 9,141,946 Dynamic payment service
43 9,141,855 Accelerated object detection filter using a video motion estimation module
44 9,141,848 Automatic media distribution
45 9,141,802 Computing device boot software authentication
46 9,141,586 Method, apparatus, system for single-path floating-point rounding flow that supports generation of normals/denormals and associated status flags
47 9,141,577 Optimized link training and management mechanism
48 9,141,573 Power-optimized interrupt delivery
49 9,141,570 Enabling virtualization of a processor resource
50 9,141,560 Multi-level storage apparatus
51 9,141,559 Increasing virtual-memory efficiencies
52 9,141,555 Synchronizing a translation lookaside buffer with an extended paging table
53 9,141,536 Nonvolatile memory wear management
54 9,141,469 Efficient and scalable cyclic redundancy check circuit using Galois-field arithmetic
55 9,141,466 Correcting double-bit burst errors using a low density parity check technique
56 9,141,461 Machine check architecture execution environment for non-microcoded processor
57 9,141,454 Signaling software recoverable errors
58 9,141,426 Processor having per core and package level P0 determination functionality
59 9,141,387 Processor executing unpack and pack instructions specifying two source packed data operands and saturation
60 9,141,386 Vector logical reduction operation implemented using swizzling on a semiconductor chip
61 9,141,362 Method and apparatus to schedule store instructions across atomic regions in binary translation
62 9,141,361 Method and apparatus for performance efficient ISA virtualization using dynamic partial binary translation
63 9,141,299 Method for reducing power consumption in solid-state storage device
64 9,141,199 Intelligent graphics interface in a handheld wireless device
65 9,141,180 Method and apparatus for a zero voltage processor sleep state
66 9,141,179 Fine grained power management in virtualized mobile platforms
67 9,141,171 Network routing protocol power saving method for network elements
68 9,141,170 Techniques to control self refresh display functionality
69 9,141,167 Apparatus and method to manage energy usage of a processor
70 9,141,166 Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including dynamic control of energy consumption in power domains
71 9,141,162 Apparatus, system and method for gated power delivery to an I/O interface
72 9,141,134 Utilization of temporal and spatial parameters to enhance the writing capability of an electronic device
73 9,141,132 Multi-protocol I/O interconnect time synchronization