Intel patents granted on 23 April 2013

37 US patents granted on 23 April 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,429,759 Theft management system and method
2 8,429,685 System and method for privacy-preserving advertisement selection
3 8,429,684 Methods and apparatuses for determining preferred content using a temporal metadata table
4 8,429,612 Graphical user interface (GUI) noise reduction in a cognitive control framework
5 8,429,479 Method and system to increase the throughput of a hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) protocol
6 8,429,474 Multiple protocol data transport
7 8,429,452 Failover and load balancing
8 8,429,418 Technique for providing secure firmware
9 8,429,404 Method and system for secure communications on a managed network
10 8,429,387 Method and system for remote configuration of a computing device
11 8,429,367 Systems, methods and apparatuses for clock enable (CKE) coordination
12 8,429,248 Distributed file system including multicast retrieval
13 8,428,937 Beamforming codebook generation system and associated methods
14 8,428,929 Demand based USB proxy for data stores in service processor complex
15 8,428,634 Method for automatically setting up and/or controlling a telecommunication conference
16 8,428,633 Combined channel state information and combined channel quality indicator in wireless communication systems
17 8,428,543 Receiver arrangement with AC coupling
18 8,428,538 Channel estimator
19 8,428,537 Receiver having adjustable channel estimation bandwidth
20 8,428,518 Traffic constraints in a mmWAVE wireless network
21 8,428,257 Display window control system and method
22 8,428,212 Frequency synthesis using upconversion PLL processes
23 8,428,158 Method for channel estimation using recursive filtering and multicarrier receiver with interference-aware demodulation
24 8,428,114 Transmit equalizer compensation for probe receivers
25 8,428,037 Wireless communications system that supports multiple modes of operation
26 8,428,015 Permanent dedicated random access preambles for femtocell
27 8,428,004 Wireless network facilitator and monitor
28 8,427,993 Power management for wireless devices
29 8,427,983 Techniques for providing uplink feedback for downlink-only RF carriers in a multicarrier system
30 8,427,212 Pulse width modulated signal generation method and apparatus
31 8,426,927 Penetrating implant for forming a semiconductor device
32 8,426,858 Strained NMOS transistor featuring deep carbon doped regions and raised donor doped source and drain
33 8,426,319 Composition for etching a metal hard mask material in semiconductor processing
34 8,426,250 Laser-assisted chemical singulation of a wafer
35 8,425,987 Surface charge enhanced atomic layer deposition of pure metallic films
36 8,425,785 Mechanical adhesion of copper metallization to dielectric with partially cured epoxy fillers
37 8,424,748 Solder in cavity interconnection technology