Intel patents granted on 23 August 2011

24 US patents granted on 23 August 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 8,006,164 Memory cell supply voltage control based on error detection
2 8,006,090 System and method for combining user and platform authentication in negotiated channel security protocols
3 8,006,082 Dynamically reconfiguring platform settings
4 8,006,077 Thread migration control based on prediction of migration overhead
5 8,006,066 Method and circuit configuration for transmitting data between a processor and a hardware arithmetic-logic unit
6 8,006,064 Lock-free vector utilizing a resource allocator for assigning memory exclusively to a thread
7 8,006,044 Flexible selection command for non-volatile memory
8 8,006,033 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for in-band data mask bit transmission
9 8,006,029 DDR flash implementation with direct register access to legacy flash functions
10 8,006,017 Stream priority
11 8,005,976 Establishing optimal latency in streaming data applications that use data packets
12 8,005,487 Techniques for optimization of location determination in wireless network
13 8,005,210 Modulus scaling for elliptic-curve cryptography
14 8,005,164 Link adaptation and antenna selection in cooperative multiple access systems
15 8,005,131 Delay compensation for transmit/receive chain calibration and multiuser MIMO
16 8,005,033 Device, system, and method of bidirectional wireless communication
17 8,005,026 Multiple radio platform transmission power control
18 8,004,678 Wafer level alignment structures using subwavelength grating polarizers
19 8,004,610 Techniques to enable digital television and GPS coexistence
20 8,004,076 Microelectronic package with carbon nanotubes interconnect and method of making same
21 8,004,043 Logic circuits using carbon nanotube transistors
22 8,003,479 Low temperature deposition and ultra fast annealing of integrated circuit thin film capacitor
23 8,003,408 Modification of metal nanoparticles for improved analyte detection by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)
24 8,003,293 Pixelated photoresists