Intel patents granted on 23 August 2016

45 US patents granted on 23 August 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D764,563 Projector
2 9,426,914 Film insert molding for device manufacture
3 9,426,836 Enabling direct transport layer connectivity
4 9,426,832 Methods and arrangements to coordinate communications in a wireless network
5 9,426,782 Dynamic selection of spectrum access in a spectrum sharing context
6 9,426,749 Method and apparatus for Bluetooth-based Wi-Fi synchronization
7 9,426,724 Apparatus, system and method of controlling wireless scanning
8 9,426,689 Control and data plane solutions for carrier-aggregation based WLAN offload
9 9,426,649 Apparatus, system and method of securing communications of a user equipment (UE) in a wireless local area network
10 9,426,539 Integrated presentation of secondary content
11 9,426,450 Depth sensing auto focus multiple camera system
12 9,426,439 Exposing media processing features
13 9,426,274 Device, method, and system for portable configuration of vehicle controls
14 9,426,159 Securing sensor data
15 9,426,147 Protected device management
16 9,426,096 Single-lane, twenty-five gigabit ethernet
17 9,425,962 Low energy Bluetooth system with authentication during connectionless advertising and broadcasting
18 9,425,953 Generating multiple secure hashes from a single data buffer
19 9,425,875 Codebook for full-dimension multiple input multiple output communications
20 9,425,834 Trajectory modification technique for polar transmitter
21 9,425,742 Method and apparatus for correcting inconvenient power amplifier load characteristics in an envelope tracking based system
22 9,425,543 Protective cover for a connector
23 9,425,316 Source/drain contacts for non-planar transistors
24 9,425,256 Strain inducing semiconductor regions
25 9,425,212 Isolated and bulk semiconductor devices formed on a same bulk substrate
26 9,424,936 Current leakage reduction in 3D NAND memory
27 9,424,854 Method and apparatus for processing audio data
28 9,424,660 Media encoding using changed regions
29 9,424,620 Identification of GPU phase to determine GPU scalability during runtime
30 9,424,327 Instruction execution that broadcasts and masks data values at different levels of granularity
31 9,424,211 Providing multiple virtual device controllers by redirecting an interrupt from a physical device controller
32 9,424,209 Dynamic heterogeneous hashing functions in ranges of system memory addressing space
33 9,424,198 Method, system and apparatus including logic to manage multiple memories as a unified exclusive memory
34 9,424,191 Scalable coherence for multi-core processors
35 9,424,142 Hardware-assisted application checkpointing and restoring
36 9,424,134 Boot management in a non-volatile memory system
37 9,424,042 System, apparatus and method for translating vector instructions
38 9,424,039 Instruction for implementing vector loops of iterations having an iteration dependent condition
39 9,424,034 Multiple register memory access instructions, processors, methods, and systems
40 9,424,031 Techniques for enabling bit-parallel wide string matching with a SIMD register
41 9,423,959 Method and apparatus for store durability and ordering in a persistent memory architecture
42 9,423,901 System and method to control screen capture
43 9,423,895 Dual touch surface multiple function input device
44 9,423,858 Sharing power between domains in a processor package using encoded power consumption information from a second domain to calculate an available power budget for a first domain
45 9,423,828 Self-leveling system with auto feedback control