Intel patents granted on 23 December 2014

18 US patents granted on 23 December 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,918,837 Web application container for client-level runtime control
2 8,918,695 Methods and apparatus for early stop algorithm of turbo decoding
3 8,918,666 Apparatus for synchronizing a data handover between a first and second clock domain through FIFO buffering
4 8,918,641 Dynamic platform reconfiguration by multi-tenant service providers
5 8,918,592 Extending a cache coherency snoop broadcast protocol with directory information
6 8,918,569 Streaming audio visual content simultaneously to different topologies on a wireless adapter
7 8,918,446 Reducing power consumption in multi-precision floating point multipliers
8 8,918,137 Power loading in MU-MIMO
9 8,918,117 Apparatus, system and method of estimating a location of a mobile device
10 8,917,769 Methods and systems to estimate motion based on reconstructed reference frames at a video decoder
11 8,917,708 Discovery and operation of hybrid wireless wide area and wireless local area networks
12 8,917,638 Base station and method for configuring sub-frames for relay-node operations
13 8,917,636 Transmitter circuit and method
14 8,917,618 Uplink coordinated multi-point
15 8,917,534 Path isolation in a memory device
16 8,917,063 Battery pulse charging method and apparatus
17 8,916,981 Epoxy-amine underfill materials for semiconductor packages
18 8,915,747 Connector assembly with integrated pitch translation