Intel patents granted on 23 January 2007

31 US patents granted on 23 January 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,168,074 Runtime prediction framework for CPU intensive applications
2 7,168,071 Method and system of permitting stack allocation to programs having open-world features
3 7,168,032 Data synchronization for a test access port
4 7,168,026 Method and apparatus for preservation of failure state in a read destructive memory
5 7,168,010 Various methods and apparatuses to track failing memory locations to enable implementations for invalidating repeatedly failing memory locations
6 7,167,989 Processor and methods to reduce power consumption of processor components
7 7,167,980 Data comparison process
8 7,167,957 Mechanism for handling explicit writeback in a cache coherent multi-node architecture
9 7,167,947 Memory post-write page closing apparatus and method
10 7,167,946 Method and apparatus for implicit DRAM precharge
11 7,167,941 Multi-port device configuration
12 7,167,931 Executing program installed in computer slot of a machine in one of plural environments comprising a main operating system and small operating system
13 7,167,908 Facilitating operation of a multi-processor system via a resolved symbolic constant
14 7,167,895 Signaling method and apparatus to provide content on demand in a broadcast system
15 7,167,891 Narrow data path for very high radix division
16 7,167,885 Emod a fast modulus calculation for computer systems
17 7,167,726 Multi-mode antenna system for a computing device and method of operation
18 7,167,533 Apparatus and method for communication link receiver having adaptive clock phase shifting
19 7,167,513 IQ imbalance correction
20 7,167,397 Apparatus and method for programming a memory array
21 7,167,295 Method and apparatus for polarizing electromagnetic radiation
22 7,167,171 Methods and apparatuses for a polygon binning process for rendering
23 7,167,135 MEMS based tunable antenna for wireless reception and transmission
24 7,167,015 Active cooling to reduce leakage power
25 7,166,924 Electronic packages with dice landed on wire bonds
26 7,166,922 Continuous metal interconnects
27 7,166,847 System with response to cosmic ray detection
28 7,166,540 Method for reducing assembly-induced stress in a semiconductor die
29 7,166,506 Poly open polish process
30 7,166,505 Method for making a semiconductor device having a high-k gate dielectric
31 7,166,413 Enabling chain scission of branched photoresist