Intel patents granted on 23 June 2015

49 US patents granted on 23 June 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 D732,526 Computing device with sensor
2 9,066,367 Macro-femto inter-cell interference mitigation
3 9,066,360 Channel quality information feedback techniques for a wireless system
4 9,066,348 Device, system, and method for fast network entry for wireless devices in idle mode
5 9,066,267 Device, method and system of establishing a protected time during an allocated time
6 9,066,265 Methods and arrangements for frequency selective transmission
7 9,066,258 D2D connection recovery schemes
8 9,066,257 Correlation based cell search and measurement for LTE and LTE-A
9 9,066,253 System and method for reduced interruption time in mobile communications
10 9,066,247 Communication devices and methods for signal detection
11 9,065,761 Packet reassembly processing
12 9,065,756 System and method for providing fast and efficient flushing of a forwarding database in a network processor
13 9,065,719 Method, apparatus and communication unit
14 9,065,574 Frequency tracking for a FMR transmitter
15 9,065,555 Method of channel estimation and a channel estimator
16 9,065,547 Digital audio signal compression method and apparatus
17 9,065,535 Adaptive antenna selection
18 9,065,470 Low power analog to digital converter
19 9,065,414 Automatic volume reduction
20 9,064,971 Methods of forming ultra thin package structures including low temperature solder and structures formed therby
21 9,064,944 Nanowire transistor with underlayer etch stops
22 9,064,883 Chip with encapsulated sides and exposed surface
23 9,064,872 Semiconductor interconnect structures
24 9,064,709 High breakdown voltage III-N depletion mode MOS capacitors
25 9,064,560 Interface for storage device access over memory bus
26 9,064,437 Memory based semaphores
27 9,064,336 Multiple texture compositing
28 9,064,330 Shared virtual memory between a host and discrete graphics device in a computing system
29 9,064,313 Adaptive tone map to a region of interest to yield a low dynamic range image
30 9,064,234 Systems and methods for the analysis and dissemination of data within a networked community
31 9,064,209 Printing through physical proximity between printer and print client device
32 9,064,116 Techniques for security management provisioning at a data storage device
33 9,064,109 Privacy enhanced key management for a web service provider using a converged security engine
34 9,064,051 Issuing requests to a fabric
35 9,064,032 Blended match mode DFA scanning
36 9,063,860 Method and system for optimizing prefetching of cache memory lines
37 9,063,855 Fault handling at a transaction level by employing a token and a source-to-destination paradigm in a processor-based system
38 9,063,836 Methods and apparatus to protect segments of memory
39 9,063,804 System to profile and optimize user software in a managed run-time environment
40 9,063,785 Temperature-based thread scheduling
41 9,063,730 Performing variation-aware profiling and dynamic core allocation for a many-core processor
42 9,063,729 Device, system and method of generating an execution instruction based on a memory-access instruction
43 9,063,727 Performing cross-domain thermal control in a processor
44 9,063,720 Instruction and logic for processing text strings
45 9,063,718 Supply voltage control based at least in part on power state of integrated circuit
46 9,063,612 Techniques and apparatus for managing touch interface
47 9,063,254 Waveguide coupled surface plasmon polarition photo detector
48 9,062,392 Methods for isolating a peptide methods for identifying a peptide
49 9,061,890 Methods of forming buried electromechanical structures coupled with device substrates and structures formed thereby