Intel patents granted on 23 March 2010

46 US patents granted on 23 March 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,685,588 Platform independent binary instrumentation and memory allocation method
2 7,685,520 Electronic programming guide with selectable categories
3 7,685,503 Fast decoding of Reed-Solomon code
4 7,685,500 Forward error correction coding in communication networks
5 7,685,466 BIOS for saving and restoring operational state in the absence of AC power
6 7,685,451 Method and apparatus to limit current-change induced voltage changes in a microcircuit
7 7,685,445 Per die voltage programming for energy efficient integrated circuit (IC) operation
8 7,685,441 Power control unit with digitally supplied system parameters
9 7,685,401 Guest to host address translation for devices to access memory in a partitioned system
10 7,685,379 Cache memory to support a processor’s power mode of operation
11 7,685,376 Method to support heterogeneous memories
12 7,685,365 Transactional memory execution utilizing virtual memory
13 7,685,350 Remote node index mapping mechanism for serial attached storage devices
14 7,685,346 Demotion-based arbitration
15 7,685,317 Layering mobile and virtual private networks using dynamic IP address management
16 7,685,266 Management of tools that process data to describe a physical layout of a circuit
17 7,685,250 Techniques for providing packet rate pacing
18 7,685,219 Parallel systolic CORDIC algorithm with reduced latency for unitary transform of complex matrices and application to MIMO detection
19 7,685,212 Fast full search motion estimation with SIMD merge instruction
20 7,685,077 Recursive feature eliminating method based on a support vector machine
21 7,684,970 Graphical user interface for use during processor simulation
22 7,684,954 Apparatus and method for classification of physical orientation
23 7,684,806 Device, system and method of point to multipoint communication
24 7,684,776 Wireless communication device having variable gain device and method therefor
25 7,684,758 System and method of reducing interferences in wireless communication networks
26 7,684,751 Radio frequency identification apparatus, system and method adapted for self-jammer cancellation
27 7,684,660 Methods and apparatus to mount a waveguide to a substrate
28 7,684,627 Techniques for image decompression
29 7,684,529 Interference rejection in wireless networks
30 7,684,520 Method and apparatus for bus repeater tapering
31 7,684,507 Method and apparatus to select coding mode
32 7,684,491 Reference data buffer for intra-prediction of digital video
33 7,684,404 Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) cell formatting
34 7,684,400 Logarithmic time range-based multifield-correlation packet classification
35 7,684,390 Integrated circuit capable of transmitting probe packets across a stack of switches
36 7,684,342 Media independent trigger model for multiple network types
37 7,684,319 Transmission control protocol congestion window
38 7,683,947 Bi-polar signaling scheme for imaging system
39 7,683,844 Mm-wave scanning antenna
40 7,683,741 Package for suppressing spurious resonance in an FBAR
41 7,683,729 Injection locked LC VCO clock deskewing
42 7,683,656 Predriver equalization for common mode noise reduction in a semi-differential current mode driver
43 7,683,397 Semi-planar avalanche photodiode
44 7,682,916 Field effect transistor structure with abrupt source/drain junctions
45 7,682,891 Tunable gate electrode work function material for transistor applications
46 7,682,876 Electronic assemblies having a low processing temperature