Intel patents granted on 23 October 2007

30 US patents granted on 23 October 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,287,197 Vectoring an interrupt or exception upon resuming operation of a virtual machine
2 7,287,173 Method for computing power consumption levels of instruction and recompiling the program to reduce the excess power consumption
3 7,287,148 Unified shared pipeline allowing deactivation of RISC/DSP units for power saving
4 7,287,126 Methods and apparatus for maintaining cache coherency
5 7,287,114 Simulating multiple virtual channels in switched fabric networks
6 7,287,101 Direct memory access using memory descriptor list
7 7,286,838 Communal discovery of network coverage
8 7,286,767 Optical transceiver over single communication link
9 7,286,726 Integrated active electrical waveguide for optical waveguide modulators
10 7,286,609 Adaptive multicarrier wireless communication system, apparatus and associated methods
11 7,286,606 System and method for channelization recognition in a wideband communication system
12 7,286,568 Techniques to generate a clock signal
13 7,286,557 Interface and related methods for rate pacing in an ethernet architecture
14 7,286,549 Method, system, and program for processing data packets in packet buffers
15 7,286,489 Communications meshes
16 7,286,483 Electronic data transfer based on selective storage of incoming packets
17 7,286,481 Wireless network adapted to transmit channel side information and method thereof
18 7,286,469 Network synchronization device, system and method
19 7,286,387 Reducing the effect of write disturbs in polymer memories
20 7,286,380 Reconfigurable memory block redundancy to repair defective input/output lines
21 7,286,371 Attaching heat sinks to printed circuit boards using preloaded spring assemblies
22 7,286,368 System to control effective series resistance of decoupling capacitor
23 7,286,166 Calibrating digital cameras for varying ambient light conditions
24 7,286,006 Sign-sign least means square filter
25 7,285,829 Semiconductor device having a laterally modulated gate workfunction and method of fabrication
26 7,285,781 Characterizing resist line shrinkage due to CD-SEM inspection
27 7,285,496 Hardening of copper to improve copper CMP performance
28 7,285,494 Multiple stage electroless deposition of a metal layer
29 7,285,448 Power delivery using an integrated heat spreader
30 7,285,447 Method and apparatus for imprinting a circuit pattern using ultrasonic vibrations