Intel patents granted on 24 April 2007

46 US patents granted on 24 April 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,210,169 Originator authentication using platform attestation
2 7,210,079 Apparatus and method for adapting a level sensitive device to produce edge-triggered behavior
3 7,210,054 Maintaining processor execution during frequency transitioning
4 7,210,050 Increasing robustness of source synchronous links by avoiding write pointers based on strobes
5 7,210,048 Enterprise power and thermal management
6 7,210,045 Storing encrypted and/or compressed system context information when entering a low-power state
7 7,210,034 Distributed control of integrity measurement using a trusted fixed token
8 7,210,019 Exclusive access for logical blocks
9 7,210,008 Memory controller for padding and stripping data in response to read and write commands
10 7,210,000 Transmitting peer-to-peer transactions through a coherent interface
11 7,209,991 Packet processing in switched fabric networks
12 7,209,989 Transfer acknowledgement mechanism for an MSL architecture
13 7,209,918 Methods and apparatus for locking objects in a multi-threaded environment
14 7,209,907 Method and apparatus for periodically retraining a serial links interface
15 7,209,883 Factorial hidden markov model for audiovisual speech recognition
16 7,209,852 Circuit for producing a variable frequency clock signal having a high frequency low jitter pulse component
17 7,209,745 Cellular wireless re-use structure that allows spatial multiplexing and diversity communication
18 7,209,623 Semiconductor waveguide-based avalanche photodetector with separate absorption and multiplication regions
19 7,209,566 Method and apparatus for determining a nonlinear response function for a loudspeaker
20 7,209,498 Method and apparatus for tuning a laser
21 7,209,470 Method and apparatus for encapsulating universal serial bus messaging over link layer communication protocol
22 7,209,449 Systems and methods for updating routing and forwarding information
23 7,209,395 Low leakage and leakage tolerant stack free multi-ported register file
24 7,209,366 Delivery regions for power, ground and I/O signal paths in an IC package
25 7,209,364 Circuit board latch system
26 7,209,351 Telecom equipment chassis using modular air cooling system
27 7,209,138 Image processing
28 7,209,082 Method and apparatus for a dual band gap wideband interference suppression
29 7,209,026 Integrated package inductor for integrated circuit devices
30 7,209,025 Multilayer inductor with shielding plane
31 7,209,016 Variable capacitance circuit arrangement
32 7,208,994 Fuse sense circuit
33 7,208,967 Socket connection test modules and methods of using the same
34 7,208,963 Method and apparatus for measuring coil current
35 7,208,936 Socket lid and test device
36 7,208,925 Voltage regulator controller power good indicator circuitry
37 7,208,830 Interconnect shunt used for current distribution and reliability redundancy
38 7,208,747 Adjustment of distance between source plasma and mirrors to change partial coherence
39 7,208,455 Method to increase electromigration resistance of copper using self-assembled organic thiolate monolayers
40 7,208,402 Method and apparatus for improved power routing
41 7,208,399 Transistor with notched gate
42 7,208,366 Bonding gate oxide with high-k additives
43 7,208,361 Replacement gate process for making a semiconductor device that includes a metal gate electrode
44 7,208,348 Methods of fabricating a via-in-pad with off-center geometry
45 7,208,342 Package warpage control
46 7,208,327 Metal oxide sensors and method of forming