Intel patents granted on 24 August 2010

29 US patents granted on 24 August 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,784,095 Virtual private network using dynamic physical adapter emulation
2 7,784,094 Stateful packet content matching mechanisms
3 7,784,060 Efficient virtual machine communication via virtual machine queues
4 7,784,057 Single-stack model for high performance parallelism
5 7,783,959 Apparatus and method for reduced power consumption communications over a physical interconnect
6 7,783,871 Method to remove stale branch predictions for an instruction prior to execution within a microprocessor
7 7,783,819 Integrating non-peripheral component interconnect (PCI) resources into a personal computer system
8 7,783,809 Virtualization of pin functionality in a point-to-point interface
9 7,783,769 Accelerated TCP (Transport Control Protocol) stack processing
10 7,783,497 Method of adaptive browsing for digital content
11 7,783,114 Training and using classification components on multiple processing units
12 7,782,970 Apparatus and associated methods to introduce diversity in a multicarrier communication channel
13 7,782,939 Real time bit rate control system
14 7,782,921 Integrated optical detector in semiconductor reflector
15 7,782,905 Apparatus and method for stateless CRC calculation
16 7,782,887 Method and apparatus for driving data packets
17 7,782,829 Energy-efficient link adaptation and resource allocation for wireless OFDMA systems
18 7,782,825 Methods and arrangements for link rate adaptation in multi-radio co-existence platforms
19 7,782,817 Systems and techniques for improved data throughput in a wireless network
20 7,782,754 Method and apparatus to support SDMA transmission of a OFDMA based network
21 7,782,649 Using controlled bias voltage for data retention enhancement in a ferroelectric media
22 7,782,304 System and apparatus for adjustable keyboard arrangements
23 7,782,104 Delay element array for time-to-digital converters
24 7,781,889 Shielded via
25 7,781,771 Bulk non-planar transistor having strained enhanced mobility and methods of fabrication
26 7,781,682 Methods of fabricating multichip packages and structures formed thereby
27 7,781,260 Methods of forming nano-coatings for improved adhesion between first level interconnects and epoxy under-fills in microelectronic packages and structures formed thereby
28 7,780,360 Method and apparatus to generate and monitor optical signals and control power levels thereof in a planar lightwave circuit
29 7,779,638 Localized microelectronic cooling apparatuses and associated methods and systems