Intel patents granted on 24 February 2009

29 US patents granted on 24 February 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,496,961 Methods and apparatus to provide network traffic support and physical security support
2 7,496,929 Performance of operations on a hardware resource through integral interpretive execution
3 7,496,921 Processing block with integrated light weight multi-threading support
4 7,496,881 Mask validation using contours
5 7,496,826 Method, system, and apparatus for adjacent-symbol error correction and detection code
6 7,496,803 Method and apparatus for testing an integrated device’s input/output (I/O)
7 7,496,801 Method, apparatus and system for facilitating debug for link interconnects
8 7,496,797 Advanced switching lost packet and event detection and handling
9 7,496,732 Method and apparatus for results speculation under run-ahead execution
10 7,496,719 Universal nonvolatile memory boot mode
11 7,496,706 Message signaled interrupt redirection table
12 7,496,690 Method, system, and program for managing memory for data transmission through a network
13 7,496,249 Optical and/or electrical communications fabrics in circuit boards and/or other composite structures
14 7,496,196 Method apparatus and system of performing one or more encryption and/or decryption operations
15 7,496,149 Methods and apparatus for signaling on a differential link
16 7,496,095 Local area network emulation over a channel based network
17 7,495,929 Reference layer openings
18 7,495,922 Spring loaded heat sink retention mechanism
19 7,495,551 Device, system and method of locating a wireless communication device
20 7,495,491 Inverter based duty cycle correction apparatuses and systems
21 7,495,489 Frequency multiplying delay-locked loop
22 7,495,336 Array capacitors for broadband decoupling applications
23 7,495,330 Substrate connector for integrated circuit devices
24 7,495,318 Apparatus and method for improving AC coupling on circuit boards
25 7,494,913 Microball placement solutions
26 7,494,911 Buffer layers for device isolation of devices grown on silicon
27 7,494,862 Methods for uniform doping of non-planar transistor structures
28 7,494,858 Transistor with improved tip profile and method of manufacture thereof
29 7,494,041 In-situ alloyed solders, articles made thereby, and processes of making same