Intel patents granted on 24 February 2015

34 US patents granted on 24 February 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 D722,959 Wireless charging device
2 8,966,657 Provisioning, upgrading, and/or changing of hardware
3 8,966,651 Digital rights management (DRM) locker
4 8,966,600 Method, apparatus and system for controlling access to computer platform resources
5 8,966,534 Method and apparatus for channel surfing through multiple sources based on user-definable preferences
6 8,966,477 Combined virtual graphics device
7 8,966,345 Selective error correction in memory to reduce power consumption
8 8,966,301 Method and apparatus for thermal sensitivity based dynamic power control of a processor
9 8,966,299 Optimizing power usage by factoring processor architectural events to PMU
10 8,966,295 Apparatus and method for controlling transfer of power between energy storage devices through a converter
11 8,966,230 Dynamic selection of execution stage
12 8,966,180 Scatter-gather intelligent memory architecture for unstructured streaming data on multiprocessor systems
13 8,966,160 Storage device trimming
14 8,966,149 Emulation of an input/output advanced programmable interrupt controller
15 8,965,824 Electronic personal advocate
16 8,965,749 Demand based USB proxy for data stores in service processor complex
17 8,965,626 Event data recording for vehicles
18 8,965,453 Packet streaming service capability exchange for enhanced peripheral device support
19 8,965,424 Servers, communication devices, methods for controlling a server, and methods for controlling a communication device
20 8,965,318 Dynamic RFI detection
21 8,964,914 Device, system and method of combining received wireless communication signals
22 8,964,909 Maximizing data rate by adjusting codes and code rates
23 8,964,908 Receiver circuit and method for detecting data
24 8,964,723 Devices for synchronizing a communication end device with a base station, methods for synchronizing a communication end device with a base station, devices for generating a secondary synchronization signal, and methods for generating a secondary synchronization signal
25 8,964,644 Methods and circuits for determining feedback information
26 8,964,443 Method for improving bandwidth in stacked memory devices
27 8,963,942 Programmable processor
28 8,963,817 Energy sensing light emitting diode display
29 8,963,579 Spin torque magnetic integrated circuits and devices therefor
30 8,963,333 Apparatus, system, and method for wireless connection in integrated circuit packages
31 8,963,201 Tunable fin-SCR for robust ESD protection
32 8,963,135 Integrated circuits and systems and methods for producing the same
33 8,962,279 Solid-phase chelators and electronic biosensors
34 8,961,193 Chip socket including a circular contact pattern