Intel patents granted on 24 January 2006

24 US patents granted on 24 January 2006 and assigned to Intel

1 6,990,621 Enabling at speed application of test patterns associated with a wide tester interface on a low pin count tester
2 6,990,579 Platform and method for remote attestation of a platform
3 6,990,577 Updating a BIOS image by replacing a portion of the BIOS image with a portion of another BIOS image
4 6,990,571 Method for memory optimization in a digital signal processor
5 6,990,564 Method and apparatus for segmenting memory based upon bandwidth of a data communication platform
6 6,990,551 System and method for employing a process identifier to minimize aliasing in a linear-addressed cache
7 6,990,542 Implementing hardware interrupt event driven mechanism to offer soft real-time universal serial bus
8 6,990,412 Techniques to manufacture optical signal transmitters
9 6,990,387 Test system for identification and sorting of integrated circuit devices
10 6,990,258 Optical modulator
11 6,990,183 Multiple platform voice processing system with optimized resource allocation
12 6,990,084 Echo cancellation with dynamic latency adjustment
13 6,990,082 Wireless apparatus having a transceiver equipped to support multiple wireless communication protocols
14 6,990,036 Method and apparatus for multiple row caches per bank
15 6,990,017 Accessing phase change memories
16 6,989,897 Metal coated nanocrystalline silicon as an active surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) substrate
17 6,989,838 Methods, systems, and data structures for generating a rasterizer
18 6,989,695 Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption by a data synchronizer
19 6,989,586 Integrated circuit packages with reduced stress on die and associated substrates, assemblies, and systems
20 6,989,484 Controlling sharing of files by portable devices
21 6,989,284 Fabrication of a waveguide taper through ion implantation
22 6,988,543 Annular cold plate with reflexive channels
23 6,988,531 Micro-chimney and thermosiphon die-level cooling
24 6,988,307 Method of making an integrated inductor