Intel patents granted on 24 January 2017

51 US patents granted on 24 January 2017 and assigned to Intel

1 9,554,472 Panel with releasable core
2 9,554,468 Panel with releasable core
3 9,554,454 Devices and methods to reduce differential signal pair crosstalk
4 9,554,416 Shared spectrum reassignment in a spectrum sharing context
5 9,554,403 Selecting a radio node for data traffic offloading
6 9,554,361 Communication device and method for receiving information
7 9,554,344 Bluetooth assisted NAN cluster discovery
8 9,554,328 Vehicle-based small cell base stations
9 9,554,305 User equipment, port control protocol server, and methods for signaling device and application feedback
10 9,554,297 Periodic channel state information (CSI) reporting using a physical uplink control channel (PUCCH)
11 9,554,296 Device trigger recall/replace feature for 3GPP/M2M systems
12 9,554,262 Operator-assisted device-to-device (D2D) discovery
13 9,554,039 All-in-focus implementation
14 9,553,960 Loudspeaker with laminate panel for mobile computing platforms
15 9,553,853 Techniques for load balancing in a packet distribution system
16 9,553,643 User equipment and methods for codebook subsampling for enhanced 4TX codebooks
17 9,553,637 Near field communications (NFC) and proximity sensor for portable devices
18 9,553,519 Small form factor voltage adapters and devices, platforms, and techniques for managing power boosts
19 9,553,352 Communication device and display incorporating antennas between display pixels
20 9,553,099 Pillar arrangement in NAND memory
21 9,553,075 Recessed and embedded die coreless package
22 9,553,018 Self-aligned via and plug patterning with photobuckets for back end of line (BEOL) interconnects
23 9,552,995 Electrical interconnect for an electronic package
24 9,552,977 Landside stiffening capacitors to enable ultrathin and other low-Z products
25 9,552,854 Register files including distributed capacitor circuit blocks
26 9,552,781 Content adaptive LCD backlight control
27 9,552,620 Depth offset compression
28 9,552,500 Always-available embedded theft reaction subsystem
29 9,552,316 Techniques for adaptive interface support
30 9,552,313 Delivering real time interrupts with an advanced programmable interrupt controller
31 9,552,308 Early wake-warn for clock gating control
32 9,552,303 Method and system for maintaining release consistency in shared memory programming
33 9,552,269 Test logic for a serial interconnect
34 9,552,267 SATA receiver equalization margin determination/setting method and apparatus
35 9,552,253 Probabilistic flit error checking
36 9,552,209 Functional unit for instruction execution pipeline capable of shifting different chunks of a packed data operand by different amounts
37 9,552,207 Method and apparatus for performance efficient ISA virtualization using dynamic partial binary translation
38 9,552,205 Vector indexed memory access plus arithmetic and/or logical operation processors, methods, systems, and instructions
39 9,552,169 Apparatus and method for efficient memory renaming prediction using virtual registers
40 9,552,164 Apparatus, method and system for determining reference voltages for a memory
41 9,552,159 Configuration information backup in memory systems
42 9,552,051 Block partition to minimize power leakage
43 9,552,045 Method, apparatus, and system for controlling power consumption of unused hardware of a link interface
44 9,552,039 Constrained boot techniques in multi-core platforms
45 9,551,916 Integrated and adjustable image projection with auto-image correction in electronic devices using an in-facing or world-facing image projector
46 9,551,741 Current tests for I/O interface connectors
47 9,551,682 High throughput biochemical detection using single molecule fingerprinting arrays
48 9,551,352 Techniques for improved volumetric resistance blower apparatus, system and method
49 9,551,177 Rotational to translational locking hinge
50 9,550,670 Stress buffer layer for integrated microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
51 9,550,495 Technologies for assisting vehicles with changing road conditions