Intel patents granted on 24 June 2014

44 US patents granted on 24 June 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 RE44,959 Method and wireless systems using multiple antennas and adaptive control for maximizing a communication parameter
2 8,763,112 Systems and methods for power-on user authentication
3 8,763,111 Enabling a service to return lost laptops
4 8,762,994 Power-optimized interrupt delivery
5 8,762,991 Framework for domain-specific run-time environment acceleration using virtualization technology
6 8,762,869 Reduced complexity user interface
7 8,762,821 Method of correcting adjacent errors by using BCH-based error correction coding
8 8,762,811 Method and apparatus for processing a downlink shared channel
9 8,762,778 Firmware assisted error handling scheme
10 8,762,698 Virtual bus device using management engine
11 8,762,694 Programmable event-driven yield mechanism
12 8,762,692 Single instruction for specifying and saving a subset of registers, specifying a pointer to a work-monitoring function to be executed after waking, and entering a low-power mode
13 8,762,686 Multimode accessible storage facility
14 8,762,607 Mechanism for facilitating dynamic multi-mode memory packages in memory systems
15 8,762,599 Delegating a poll operation to another device
16 8,762,585 Asymmetrical Universal Serial Bus communications
17 8,762,551 Point coordinator delegation in a wireless network
18 8,762,543 Method and apparatus for autonomous peer discovery and enhancing link reliability for wireless peer direct links
19 8,762,127 Transitioning from source instruction set architecture (ISA) code to translated code in a partial emulation environment
20 8,761,740 System and method for sending local information from a wireless browser to a web server
21 8,761,698 Transmit circuit, method for adjusting a bias of a power amplifier and method for adapting the provision of a bias information
22 8,761,697 Signal processing device and method for providing a first analog signal and a second analog signal
23 8,761,692 Method, apparatus and communication unit
24 8,761,681 Device and method for reducing an error signal component of a transmit signal in a receive signal
25 8,761,448 Gesture pre-processing of video stream using a markered region
26 8,761,327 Rational clock divider for media timestamps and clock recovery functions
27 8,761,306 Method to prevent phenomenon in vector modulator transmitter
28 8,761,268 Selective local adaptive wiener filter for video coding and decoding
29 8,761,245 Content adaptive motion compensation filtering for high efficiency video coding
30 8,761,201 Reducing the maximum latency of reserved streams
31 8,761,169 Packet forwarding
32 8,761,166 Flexible routing tables for a high-radix router
33 8,761,158 Data transmission in a telecommunication conference
34 8,761,065 Techniques for wakeup signaling for a very low power WLAN device
35 8,761,031 Physical layer loopback
36 8,761,020 Method and system for load balancing in InfiniBand switches and networks
37 8,760,938 Writing bit alterable memories
38 8,760,459 Display data management techniques
39 8,760,349 Method and apparatus for in-mold laminate antennas
40 8,760,330 Analog-to-digital converter, signal processor, and method for analog-to-digital conversion
41 8,760,208 Latch with a feedback circuit
42 8,760,142 Multi-cell voltage regulator
43 8,759,974 Solder joints with enhanced electromigration resistance
44 8,759,950 Radio- and electromagnetic interference through-silicon vias for stacked-die packages, and methods of making same