Intel patents granted on 24 March 2015

46 US patents granted on 24 March 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 8,990,914 Device, method, and system for augmented reality security
2 8,990,755 Defective artifact removal in photolithography masks corrected for optical proximity
3 8,990,670 Endurance aware error-correcting code (ECC) protection for non-volatile memories
4 8,990,662 Techniques for resilient communication
5 8,990,655 Techniques associated with error correction for encoded data
6 8,990,602 Apparatus, method, and system for early deep sleep state exit of a processing element
7 8,990,597 Instruction for enabling a processor wait state
8 8,990,591 Power management system for selectively changing the power state of devices using an OS power management framework and non-OS power management framework
9 8,990,548 Apparatuses for configuring programmable logic devices from BIOS PROM
10 8,990,512 Method and apparatus for error correction in a cache
11 8,990,506 Replacing cache lines in a cache memory based at least in part on cache coherency state information
12 8,990,486 Hardware and file system agnostic mechanism for achieving capsule support
13 8,990,456 Method and apparatus for memory write performance optimization in architectures with out-of-order read/request-for-ownership response
14 8,990,442 Configuring signals based on device conditions
15 8,990,366 Method and apparatus for remote modification of system configuration
16 8,990,143 Application-provided context for potential action prediction
17 8,989,807 Communication terminal device, communication device, communication network server and method for controlling
18 8,989,784 Radio communication devices and methods for controlling a radio communication device
19 8,989,748 Method for determinng the type of a mobile radio base station; radio communication terminal and network devices; radio communication smart card device
20 8,989,670 Location aware file sharing between near field communication enabled devices
21 8,989,588 Optical transceiver with equalization and controllable laser interconnection interface
22 8,989,329 Eye width measurement and margining in communication systems
23 8,989,325 Multi-mode frequency domain equalization with adaptation to varying channel conditions
24 8,989,322 Data detection and receiver circuit
25 8,989,309 Method for transmitting a signal
26 8,989,279 Reference data buffer for intra-prediction of digital video
27 8,989,207 System and method for resource allocation priority in multiple-persona cellular devices
28 8,989,163 Device, system and method of communicating during an association beamforming training (A-BFT) period
29 8,989,118 Uplink control channel resource mapping for an enhanced PDCCH in LTE systems
30 8,989,102 Methods and arrangements for low power wireless networks
31 8,989,070 Apparatus and method to efficiently send device trigger messages
32 8,989,038 Device, system and method of link measurement of a wireless communication link
33 8,989,017 Network congestion management by packet circulation
34 8,988,999 Method, system and apparatus of wireless local area network (WLAN) communication in conjunction with cellular communication
35 8,988,452 Color enhancement via gamut expansion
36 8,988,282 Satellite-based position determination
37 8,988,255 Apparatus and method for coding data based on phasor disparity
38 8,988,122 Apparatus and method for performing spread-spectrum clock control
39 8,988,109 High speed precessionally switched magnetic logic
40 8,987,918 Interconnect structures with polymer core
41 8,987,896 High-density inter-package connections for ultra-thin package-on-package structures, and processes of forming same
42 8,987,894 Underfill process and materials for singulated heat spreader stiffener for thin core panel processing
43 8,987,859 Techniques for enhancing dielectric breakdown performance
44 8,987,794 Non-planar gate all-around device and method of fabrication thereof
45 8,987,091 III-N material structure for gate-recessed transistors
46 8,987,065 Forming functionalized carrier structures with coreless packages