Intel patents granted on 24 May 2016

48 US patents granted on 24 May 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D756,993 Computing device
2 D756,992 Electronic device with contoured channels
3 9,351,394 Reflected signal absorption in interconnect
4 9,351,330 Apparatus, system and method of bluetooth communication
5 9,351,313 Device, system and method of communicating during a contention based access period
6 9,351,311 Mapping an enhanced physical downlink control channel
7 9,351,277 Timing synchronization for downlink (DL) transmissions in coordinated multipoint (CoMP) systems
8 9,351,229 Moving ad hoc network small cell relay handover
9 9,351,209 Opportunistic device-to-device communication
10 9,351,198 Method, apparatus and system of managing an encoder output rate based upon wireless communication link feedback
11 9,351,153 Apparatus for end-user transparent utilization of computational, storage, and network capacity of mobile devices, and associated methods
12 9,351,122 Location grouping
13 9,351,121 Peer-based collaborative discovery and signaling of another device in limited-signal areas
14 9,351,011 Video pipeline with direct linkage between decoding and post processing
15 9,350,950 System and method for providing update information
16 9,350,932 Apparatus, system and method of controlling wireless transmission of video streams
17 9,350,667 Dynamically assigning packet flows
18 9,350,632 Detection and handling of virtual network appliance failures
19 9,350,528 Low power digital phase interpolator
20 9,350,394 Wireless communication device using time-variant antenna module
21 9,350,365 Digital phase-locked loop supply voltage control
22 9,350,165 High-voltage power gating
23 9,350,060 Combline-cavity duplexer, duplexing apparatus, and antenna system for frequency division duplexing operation
24 9,349,810 Selective germanium P-contact metalization through trench
25 9,349,703 Method for making high density substrate interconnect using inkjet printing
26 9,349,698 Integrated WLUF and SOD process
27 9,349,636 Interconnect wires including relatively low resistivity cores
28 9,349,266 Security cable for a mobile platform with electronically controlled lock
29 9,348,997 Symmetric keying and chain of trust
30 9,348,990 Range based user identification and profile determination
31 9,348,840 Adaptive data striping and replication across multiple storage clouds for high availability and performance
32 9,348,781 Device disconnect detection
33 9,348,767 Accessing private data about the state of a data processing machine from storage that is publicly accessible
34 9,348,766 Balanced P-LRU tree for a “multiple of 3” number of ways cache
35 9,348,658 Technologies for efficient synchronization barriers with work stealing support
36 9,348,601 Coalescing adjacent gather/scatter operations
37 9,348,594 Core switching acceleration in asymmetric multiprocessor system
38 9,348,592 Apparatus and method for sliding window data access
39 9,348,591 Multi-level tracking of in-use state of cache lines
40 9,348,407 Method and apparatus for atomic frequency and voltage changes
41 9,348,405 Systems and techniques for control of storage device power states
42 9,348,401 Mapping a performance request to an operating frequency in a processor
43 9,348,387 Providing per core voltage and frequency control
44 9,348,383 Apparatus for starting up switching voltage regulator
45 9,348,363 Counterbalance system for computer assembly
46 9,348,099 Optical coupler
47 9,347,987 Direct liquid-contact micro-channel heat transfer devices, methods of temperature control for semiconductive devices, and processes of forming same
48 9,345,415 Method and apparatus for measuring multiple ECG leads using a device with embedded leads