Intel patents granted on 24 November 2015

42 US patents granted on 24 November 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 9,198,312 Automatic hinge locking assembly for electronic device
2 9,198,293 Non-cylindrical conducting shapes in multilayer laminated substrate cores
3 9,198,228 Communication terminal, method for receiving data and computer program product
4 9,198,184 Dynamic interference avoidance in integrated multi-radio access technologies (RAT) heterogeneous networks
5 9,198,121 Systems and methods for selective scanning based on range and movement
6 9,197,881 System and method for projection and binarization of coded light patterns
7 9,197,848 Video conferencing transitions among a plurality of devices
8 9,197,683 Interference management for dynamic uplink and downlink configuration
9 9,197,619 Management of multiple devices registered to a user
10 9,197,402 Re-circulating time-to-digital converter (TDC)
11 9,197,393 Multi-transceiver wireless communication device and methods for adaptive multi-band communication
12 9,197,372 Enhanced node B and method for precoding with reduced quantization error
13 9,197,371 Coordinated multipoint communication network with multiple cooperating eNBs and method for beamforming coordination with interference suppression
14 9,197,288 Determining the signal quality of an electrical interconnect
15 9,197,258 System and method for generating a data dependent clock for a DAC in a modulator
16 9,196,942 Adaptable resonator filter
17 9,196,752 Backside bulk silicon MEMS
18 9,196,704 Selective laser annealing process for buried regions in a MOS device
19 9,196,625 Self-aligned floating gate in a vertical memory structure
20 9,196,384 Memory subsystem performance based on in-system weak bit detection
21 9,196,316 Self-disabling chip enable input
22 9,196,083 Time-continuous collision detection using 3D rasterization
23 9,196,081 Techniques for enhancing multiple view performance in a three dimensional pipeline
24 9,195,873 Method and system for decoding small sized barcodes from blurred images
25 9,195,824 Providing integrity verification and attestation in a hidden execution environment
26 9,195,818 Adaptive virtual keyboard for handheld device
27 9,195,816 Intelligent graphics interface in a handheld wireless device
28 9,195,787 Methods and apparatus for modeling and simulating spintronic integrated circuits
29 9,195,628 Partitioned bluetooth system
30 9,195,606 Dead block predictors for cooperative execution in the last level cache
31 9,195,600 Mechanisms to accelerate transactions using buffered stores
32 9,195,589 Adaptive configuration of non-volatile memory
33 9,195,577 Dynamic operations for 3D stacked memory using thermal data
34 9,195,551 Enhanced storage of metadata utilizing improved error detection and correction in computer memory
35 9,195,465 Cache coherency and processor consistency
36 9,195,464 Tracking written addresses of a shared memory of a multi-core processor
37 9,195,404 Exposing protected memory addresses
38 9,195,314 Keyboard with magnetic key position return for an electronic device
39 9,195,292 Controlling reduced power states using platform latency tolerance
40 9,195,285 Techniques for platform duty cycling
41 9,195,007 Inverted 45 degree mirror for photonic integrated circuits
42 9,194,911 Hardware-efficient on-chip calibration of analog/RF through sub-sampling