Intel patents granted on 24 October 2006

49 US patents granted on 24 October 2006 and assigned to Intel

1 7,127,722 Method and apparatus for avoiding multiple processing of the same IPMI system event
2 7,127,710 Identifying pure pointers to disambiguate memory references
3 7,127,629 Redriving a data signal responsive to either a sampling clock signal or stable clock signal dependent on a mode signal
4 7,127,600 Aggressive content pre-fetching during pre-boot runtime to support speedy OS booting
5 7,127,596 Method and system for improving computer system boot reliability by executing an application specific test during a boot prior loading an operating system
6 7,127,584 System and method for dynamic rank specific timing adjustments for double data rate (DDR) components
7 7,127,579 Hardened extended firmware interface framework
8 7,127,574 Method and apparatus for out of order memory scheduling
9 7,127,571 Method and system to adjust non-volatile cache associativity
10 7,127,567 Performing memory RAS operations over a point-to-point interconnect
11 7,127,566 Synchronizing memory copy operations with memory accesses
12 7,127,561 Coherency techniques for suspending execution of a thread until a specified memory access occurs
13 7,127,548 Control register access virtualization performance improvement in the virtual-machine architecture
14 7,127,482 Performance optimized approach for efficient downsampling operations
15 7,127,468 Context monitoring display driver
16 7,127,381 Methods and apparatus for expediting detecting collision between any of N objects
17 7,127,363 Calculating differential scattering parameters
18 7,127,130 Polarization-maintaining optical isolator
19 7,127,129 Method and apparatus for phase shifting an optical beam in an optical device
20 7,127,116 Image data compression
21 7,126,987 Method and system for a fast serial transmit equalization scheme
22 7,126,986 Method and system for improved phase tracking
23 7,126,952 Multiprotocol decapsulation/encapsulation control structure and packet protocol conversion method
24 7,126,944 Routing packets across multiple forwarding elements
25 7,126,942 Apparatus and method for integrated computer controlled call processing in packet switched telephone networks
26 7,126,861 Programmable control of leakage current
27 7,126,822 Electronic packages, assemblies, and systems with fluid cooling
28 7,126,820 Modular platform system and apparatus
29 7,126,798 On die voltage regulator
30 7,126,631 Sensing with defective cell detection
31 7,126,592 Forming modulated signals that digitally drive display elements
32 7,126,590 Using RF identification tags in writing instruments as a means for line style differentiation
33 7,126,588 Multiple mode display apparatus
34 7,126,527 Method and apparatus for mobile device location via a network based local area augmentation system
35 7,126,437 Bus signaling through electromagnetic couplers having different coupling strengths at different locations
36 7,126,382 Lower power high speed design in BiCMOS processes
37 7,126,356 Radiation detector for electrostatic discharge
38 7,126,345 Integrated circuit capable of reduced error calibration
39 7,126,223 Semiconductor device formed with an air gap using etch back of inter layer dielectric (ILD)
40 7,126,215 Microelectronic packages including nanocomposite dielectric build-up materials and nanocomposite solder resist
41 7,126,207 Capacitor with carbon nanotubes
42 7,126,199 Multilayer metal gate electrode
43 7,125,793 Method for forming an opening for an interconnect structure in a dielectric layer having a photosensitive material
44 7,125,762 Compensating the workfunction of a metal gate transistor for abstraction by the gate dielectric layer
45 7,125,583 Chemical vapor deposition chamber pre-deposition treatment for improved carbon doped oxide thickness uniformity and throughput
46 7,125,582 Low-temperature silicon nitride deposition
47 7,125,321 Multi-platen multi-slurry chemical mechanical polishing process
48 7,124,931 Via heat sink material
49 7,124,811 Systems for integrated pump and cold plate