Intel patents granted on 25 August 2015

43 US patents granted on 25 August 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 9,119,313 Package substrate with high density interconnect design to capture conductive features on embedded die
2 9,119,154 Opportunistic carrier aggregation for dynamic flow switching between radio access technologies
3 9,119,136 Distributed mobility anchoring for wireless networks
4 9,119,120 Network assisted user association and offloading techniques for integrated multi-rat heterogeneous networks
5 9,119,097 Adaptive UL-DL TDD configurations in a heterogeneous network
6 9,119,087 Systems and methods for hybrid wireless content delivery
7 9,119,072 Method and apparatus to authenticate a personal device to access an enterprise network
8 9,119,040 Trilateration processing
9 9,118,780 Operations method for providing wireless communication services
10 9,118,718 Techniques to monitor connection paths on networked devices
11 9,118,662 Method and system for distributed off-line logon using one-time passwords
12 9,118,639 Trusted data processing in the public cloud
13 9,118,534 Transmitter and receiver
14 9,118,482 Fault tolerant apparatus and method for elliptic curve cryptography
15 9,118,397 Integrated transmit/receive switch
16 9,118,385 Device, system and method of wireless communication over a beamformed communication link
17 9,118,372 Method and apparatus for downlink multiuser MIMO transmission in a wireless network
18 9,118,317 Transmitter swing control circuit and method
19 9,118,241 Switched-mode power supply and a two-phase DC to DC converter having switches and a filter that deliver current from a node among converter stages
20 9,118,188 Wireless charging system
21 9,118,151 Interconnect cable with edge finger connector
22 9,118,143 Mechanism for facilitating and employing a magnetic grid array
23 9,117,791 Selective germanium P-contact metalization through trench
24 9,117,544 Row hammer refresh command
25 9,117,542 Directed per bank refresh command
26 9,117,382 Device and method for automatic viewing perspective correction
27 9,117,170 Complex NFA state matching method that matches input symbols against character classes (CCLs), and compares sequence CCLs in parallel
28 9,117,021 Methods and apparatus to manage concurrent predicate expressions
29 9,116,869 Posting interrupts to virtual processors
30 9,116,849 Community-based de-duplication for encrypted data
31 9,116,739 Fast and scalable concurrent queuing system
32 9,116,729 Handling of binary translated self modifying code and cross modifying code
33 9,116,719 Partial commits in dynamic binary translation based systems
34 9,116,697 Techniques to control self refresh display functionality
35 9,116,694 Efficient low power exit sequence for peripheral devices
36 9,116,690 Method, system, and apparatus for dynamic thermal management
37 9,116,687 Packing in destination register half of each element with saturation from two source packed data registers
38 9,116,684 Performing a cyclic redundancy checksum operation responsive to a user-level instruction
39 9,116,350 MEMS scanning mirror field of view provision methods and apparatus
40 9,116,238 Configurable ultrasound measurement logic in a mobile computing device
41 9,116,204 On-die all-digital delay measurement circuit
42 9,116,050 Sensor-based thermal specification enabling a real-time metric for compliance
43 9,116,009 Sketch aided route selection for navigation devices and applications