Intel patents granted on 25 December 2007

27 US patents granted on 25 December 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 RE39,955 Multiple encoder output buffer apparatus for differential coding of video information
2 7,313,819 Automated establishment of addressability of a network device for a target network environment
3 7,313,806 Method and apparatus for channel surfing through multiple sources based on user-definable preferences
4 7,313,790 Methods and apparatus for preserving precise exceptions in code reordering by using control speculation
5 7,313,712 Link power saving state
6 7,313,679 Extended trusted computing base
7 7,313,676 Register renaming for dynamic multi-threading
8 7,313,675 Register allocation technique
9 7,313,669 Virtual translation lookaside buffer
10 7,313,653 Method and apparatus for optimizing data streaming in a computer system utilizing random access memory in a system logic device
11 7,313,633 Methods and apparatus for updating address resolution data
12 7,313,619 System and method for managing distributed objects as a single representation
13 7,313,527 Registering an utterance and an associated destination anchor with a speech recognition engine
14 7,313,394 Secure proxy mobile apparatus, systems, and methods
15 7,313,233 Tone clamping and replacement
16 7,313,181 Calibration of scale factor in adaptive equalizers
17 7,313,140 Method and apparatus to assemble data segments into full packets for efficient packet-based classification
18 7,313,019 Step voltage generation
19 7,313,016 Method of resetting phase change memory bits through a series of pulses of increasing amplitude
20 7,312,858 Polarization dependency identification
21 7,312,527 Low temperature phase change thermal interface material dam
22 7,312,505 Semiconductor substrate with interconnections and embedded circuit elements
23 7,312,490 Vertical memory device and method
24 7,312,485 CMOS fabrication process utilizing special transistor orientation
25 7,312,155 Forming self-aligned nano-electrodes
26 7,312,152 Lactate-containing corrosion inhibitor
27 7,311,967 Thermal interface material and electronic assembly having such a thermal interface material