Intel patents granted on 25 January 2011

17 US patents granted on 25 January 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 7,877,666 Tracking health of integrated circuit structures
2 7,877,589 Configuring a device for operation on a computing platform
3 7,877,583 Method and apparatus for assigning thread priority in a processor or the like
4 7,877,519 Selecting one of a plurality of adapters to use to transmit a packet
5 7,877,504 Techniques for entry lookups
6 7,877,339 Method and system of creating an approximate kernel matrix to train a kernel machine
7 7,877,099 Computing system with off-load processing for networking related tasks
8 7,876,839 Receiver and method for channel estimation for multicarrier communication systems
9 7,876,765 Method for supporting IP network interconnectivity between partitions in a virtualized environment
10 7,876,313 Graphics controller, display controller and method for compensating for low response time in displays
11 7,875,973 Package substrate including surface mount component mounted on a peripheral surface thereof and microelectronic package including same
12 7,875,937 Semiconductor device with a high-k gate dielectric and a metal gate electrode
13 7,875,934 Semiconductor substrate with islands of diamond and resulting devices
14 7,875,932 Semiconductor on insulator apparatus
15 7,875,519 Metal gate structure and method of manufacturing same
16 7,875,503 Reducing underfill keep out zone on substrate used in electronic device processing
17 7,875,415 Helical pixilated photoresist