Intel patents granted on 25 October 2016

64 US patents granted on 25 October 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D769,865 Portable all-in-one personal computer
2 9,480,162 Circuit board with integrated passive devices
3 9,480,073 Method for improving short-term fairness and efficiency in wireless local area networks
4 9,480,029 Power headroom reporting with dual connectivity
5 9,480,025 Adaptive device transmission power for interference reduction
6 9,480,007 Techniques for efficient small cell discovery
7 9,479,998 Systems and methods for authenticating devices by complying with wireless guidelines based on device location
8 9,479,958 Device, system and method of link measurement of a wireless communication link
9 9,479,933 Method, apparatus and system of communication over multiple frequency bands
10 9,479,915 Metrics for traffic steering in a wireless network
11 9,479,846 Low complexity tone/voice discrimination method using a rising edge of a frequency power envelope
12 9,479,677 Protocol for communications between platforms and image devices
13 9,479,595 Online signup provisioning techniques for hotspot connections
14 9,479,592 Remote management for a computing device
15 9,479,506 At least one mechanism to permit, at least in part, allocation and/or configuration, at least in part, of at least one network-associated object
16 9,479,498 Providing limited access to a service device via an intermediary
17 9,479,392 Personal communication drone
18 9,479,364 Unequalized clock data recovery for serial I/O receiver
19 9,479,332 Key revocation in system on chip devices
20 9,479,298 Demodulation reference signals (DMRS)for side information for interference cancellation
21 9,479,246 Methods and arrangements to acknowledge fragmented frames
22 9,479,233 Apparatus, system and method of multi-input-multi-output (MIMO) beamformed communication with space block coding
23 9,479,196 High performance interconnect link layer
24 9,479,187 Predictive time-to-digital converter and method for providing a digital representation of a time interval
25 9,478,881 Snap connector for socket assembly and associated techniques and configurations
26 9,478,866 Orientation agnostic millimeter-wave radio link
27 9,478,734 Perpendicular spin transfer torque memory (STTM) device with enhanced stability and method to form same
28 9,478,643 Memory structure with self-aligned floating and control gates and associated methods
29 9,478,635 Germanium-based quantum well devices
30 9,478,524 Multi-die semiconductor structure with intermediate vertical side chip and semiconductor package for same
31 9,478,488 Reducing loadline impedance in a system
32 9,478,476 Package for a microelectronic die, microelectronic assembly containing same, microelectronic system, and method of reducing die stress in a microelectronic package
33 9,478,308 Programmable memory device sense amplifier
34 9,478,305 Methods and apparatus to program multi-level cell memory using target-only verify
35 9,478,286 Transient current-protected threshold switching devices systems and methods
36 9,478,273 Low resistance bitline and sourceline apparatus for improving read and write operations of a nonvolatile memory
37 9,478,060 Techniques to provide depth-based typeface in digital documents
38 9,478,037 Techniques for efficient stereo block matching for gesture recognition
39 9,478,000 Sharing non-page aligned memory
40 9,477,889 Face recognition with parallel detection and tracking, and/or grouped feature motion shift tracking
41 9,477,631 Optimized credit return mechanism for packet sends
42 9,477,628 Collective communications apparatus and method for parallel systems
43 9,477,627 Interconnect to communicate information uni-directionally
44 9,477,622 Deterministic method to support multiple producers with multiple consumers in peer or hierarchical systems
45 9,477,610 Address range priority mechanism
46 9,477,602 Cache refill control
47 9,477,564 Method and apparatus for dynamic node healing in a multi-node environment
48 9,477,558 Hardware supported memory logging
49 9,477,533 Progress meters in parallel computing
50 9,477,515 Handling operating system (OS) transitions in an unbounded transactional memory (UTM) mode
51 9,477,472 Method and apparatus for shuffling data
52 9,477,467 Processors, methods, and systems to implement partial register accesses with masked full register accesses
53 9,477,453 Technologies for shadow stack manipulation for binary translation systems
54 9,477,441 Double rounded combined floating-point multiply and add
55 9,477,409 Accelerating boot time zeroing of memory based on non-volatile memory (NVM) technology
56 9,477,316 Interaction with a computing device via movement of a portion of a user interface
57 9,477,303 System and method for combining three-dimensional tracking with a three-dimensional display for a user interface
58 9,477,291 Efficient integrated switching voltage regulator
59 9,477,278 Voltage regulator
60 9,477,275 Thermal management solution for circuit products
61 9,477,243 System maximum current protection
62 9,476,965 Differentiated station location
63 9,476,940 Boundary scan chain for stacked memory
64 9,474,472 Apparatus, method, and system for accurate estimation of total energy expenditure in daily activities