Intel patents granted on 25 September 2007

24 US patents granted on 25 September 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,275,263 Method and system and authenticating a user of a computer system that has a trusted platform module (TPM)
2 7,275,254 Method and apparatus for determining and displaying the service level of a digital television broadcast signal
3 7,275,152 Firmware interfacing with network protocol offload engines to provide fast network booting, system repurposing, system provisioning, system manageability, and disaster recovery
4 7,275,145 Processing element with next and previous neighbor registers for direct data transfer
5 7,275,135 Hardware updated metadata for non-volatile mass storage cache
6 7,275,033 Method and system for using rule-based knowledge to build a class-based domain specific statistical language model
7 7,275,012 Automated method and apparatus for processor thermal validation
8 7,275,004 Method and apparatus to perform on-die waveform capture
9 7,274,998 Near-field photo-lithography using nano light emitting diodes
10 7,274,800 Dynamic gesture recognition from stereo sequences
11 7,274,728 Adaptive channel estimation using continuous pilot signal based on doppler period
12 7,274,665 Packet storm control
13 7,274,571 Heatsink
14 7,274,567 Capillary tube bubble containment in liquid cooling systems
15 7,274,393 Four-color mosaic pattern for depth and image capture
16 7,274,372 Real-time digital three dimensional engraving
17 7,274,292 Proximity management system and method using radio-frequency identification tags
18 7,274,250 Low-voltage, buffered bandgap reference with selectable output voltage
19 7,274,191 Integrated on-chip NMR and ESR device and method for making and using the same
20 7,274,181 Systems, multiphase power converters with droop-control circuitry and methods
21 7,274,106 Packaged electroosmotic pumps using porous frits for cooling integrated circuits
22 7,274,055 Method for improving transistor performance through reducing the salicide interface resistance
23 7,273,090 Systems for integrated cold plate and heat spreader
24 RE39,855 Power management strategy to support hot swapping of system blades during run time