Intel patents granted on 26 April 2016

69 US patents granted on 26 April 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D754,634 Wearable earpiece with speaker
2 9,326,422 Techniques for computing device cooling using a self-pumping fluid
3 9,326,380 Universal serial bus hybrid footprint design
4 9,326,278 User equipment and method for reducing delay in a radio access network
5 9,326,273 Apparatus, system and method of wireless backhaul communication between wireless communication nodes
6 9,326,262 Frequency correction in a multi-carrier communication system
7 9,326,224 Methods and arrangements for advertising services in wireless networks
8 9,326,207 Enhanced node B and methods for providing system information updates to user equipment with extended paging cycles
9 9,326,157 Subframe aligned listen-before-talk for cellular in unlicensed band
10 9,326,156 Spectrum reclaiming in a leased spectrum system
11 9,326,122 User equipment and method for packet based device-to-device (D2D) discovery in an LTE network
12 9,325,937 Radio access technology information storage in a mobile network
13 9,325,579 Isochronous device communication management
14 9,325,551 Removal of irrelevance in phase-modulated digital carrier-signals
15 9,325,539 Requalization effort-balancing of transmit finite impulse response and receive linear equalizer or receive decision feedback equalizer structures in high-speed serial interconnects
16 9,325,498 Performing AES encryption or decryption in multiple modes with a single instruction
17 9,325,497 Power line based theft protection of electronic devices
18 9,325,485 Apparatus and method to enable device-to-device (D2D) discovery in cellular networks
19 9,325,477 Alternate channel for carrying selected message types
20 9,325,463 High-efficiency WLAN (HEW) master station and methods to increase information bits for HEW communication
21 9,325,456 Method and apparatus for delayed recovery for block acknowledgement bursting in a wireless network
22 9,325,455 Device, system and method of communicating aggregate data units
23 9,325,452 Techniques for transmitting video content to a wirelessly docked device having a display
24 9,325,449 Lane error detection and lane removal mechanism to reduce the probability of data corruption
25 9,325,383 Communications techniques for a secure near field communication architecture
26 9,325,354 Wideband frequency shift modulation using transient state of antenna
27 9,325,352 Control architectures for RF transceivers
28 9,325,339 System for analog to digital conversion with improved spurious free dynamic range
29 9,325,087 Electronic assemblies with scalable clip-type connectors
30 9,325,058 Broadband aircraft wingtip antenna system
31 9,324,680 Solder attach apparatus and method
32 9,324,678 Low profile zero/low insertion force package top side flex cable connector architecture
33 9,324,665 Metal fuse by topology
34 9,324,652 Method of creating a maskless air gap in back end interconnections with double self-aligned vias
35 9,324,443 Compensating for off-current in a memory
36 9,324,303 Open angle detection and processing apparatus and method
37 9,324,189 Ambulatory system to communicate visual projections
38 9,324,180 Culling using masked depths
39 9,324,128 Techniques for improving rendering efficiency
40 9,323,954 Method and apparatus for secure execution using a secure memory partition
41 9,323,942 Protecting information processing system secrets from debug attacks
42 9,323,905 Digital rights management handler and related methods
43 9,323,854 Method, apparatus and system for location assisted translation
44 9,323,686 Paging in secure enclaves
45 9,323,684 Dynamic cache and memory allocation for memory subsystems
46 9,323,678 Identifying and prioritizing critical instructions within processor circuitry
47 9,323,672 Scatter-gather intelligent memory architecture for unstructured streaming data on multiprocessor systems
48 9,323,664 Techniques for identifying read/write access collisions for a storage medium
49 9,323,609 Data storage and variable length error correction information
50 9,323,571 Methods for reducing energy consumption of buffered applications using simultaneous multi-threading processor
51 9,323,564 Systems, methods and computer program products for bootstrapping a type 1 virtual machine monitor after operating system launch
52 9,323,558 Method and system for the protected storage of downloaded media content via a virtualized platform
53 9,323,542 Optimized cold boot for non-volatile memory
54 9,323,541 Method, apparatus, system, and machine readable storage medium for providing software security
55 9,323,539 Constructing persistent file system from scattered persistent regions
56 9,323,535 Instruction order enforcement pairs of instructions, processors, methods, and systems
57 9,323,533 Supervisor mode execution protection
58 9,323,531 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for determining a trailing least significant masking bit of a writemask register
59 9,323,528 Method, apparatus, system creating, executing and terminating mini-threads
60 9,323,525 Monitoring vector lane duty cycle for dynamic optimization
61 9,323,500 Reducing power consumption in a fused multiply-add (FMA) unit responsive to input data values
62 9,323,327 System and method for providing tactile feedback
63 9,323,316 Dynamically controlling interconnect frequency in a processor
64 9,323,307 Active display processor sleep state
65 9,323,263 Low dropout regulator with hysteretic control
66 9,323,047 Method of manufacturing a MEMS micro-mirror assembly
67 9,322,798 Diamond electrode nanogap transducers
68 9,322,719 Input stage for temperature measurement system
69 9,321,349 Configurable control panels