Intel patents granted on 26 August 2008

32 US patents granted on 26 August 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 7,418,716 Method, apparatus, system, and article of manufacture for interfacing a device
2 7,418,699 Method and system for performing link-time code optimization without additional code analysis
3 7,418,646 Integrated circuit using wireless communication to store and/or retrieve data and/or check data
4 7,418,639 Test interface, system, and method for testing communications devices with non-deterministic latency
5 7,418,615 Universal timeout mechanism
6 7,418,608 Method and an apparatus for managing power consumption of a server
7 7,418,586 Method and apparatus for assigning devices to a partition
8 7,418,571 Memory interleaving
9 7,418,561 Adaptive throttling of memory accesses, such as throttling RDRAM accesses in a real-time system
10 7,418,552 Memory disambiguation for large instruction windows
11 7,418,551 Multi-purpose register cache
12 7,418,548 Data migration from a non-raid volume to a raid volume
13 7,418,545 Integrated circuit capable of persistent reservations
14 7,418,543 Processor having content addressable memory with command ordering
15 7,418,540 Memory controller with command queue look-ahead
16 7,418,386 Method, apparatus and system for building a compact language model for large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) system
17 7,418,065 Multicarrier receivers and methods for detecting cyclic prefixes having unknown lengths
18 7,418,013 Techniques to synchronize packet rate in voice over packet networks
19 7,417,913 Fuse cell having adjustable sensing margin
20 7,417,883 I/O data interconnect reuse as repeater
21 7,417,872 Circuit board with trace configuration for high-speed digital differential signaling
22 7,417,488 Regulation circuit for inductive charge pump
23 7,417,481 Controlling signal states and leakage current during a sleep mode
24 7,417,459 On-die offset reference circuit block
25 7,417,448 System to calibrate on-die temperature sensor
26 7,417,255 Methods of forming a high conductivity diamond film and structures formed thereby
27 7,417,111 Liquid crystalline epoxy resins
28 7,416,980 Forming a barrier layer in interconnect joints and structures formed thereby
29 7,416,954 Enhanced on-chip decoupling capacitors and method of making same
30 7,416,938 Inkjet patterning for thin-film capacitor fabrication, thin-film capacitors fabricated thereby, and systems containing same
31 7,416,922 Heat sink with preattached thermal interface material and method of making same
32 7,416,918 Direct build-up layer on an encapsulated die package having a moisture barrier structure