Intel patents granted on 26 February 2013

42 US patents granted on 26 February 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,387,148 Secure rights protection for broadcast mobile content
2 8,387,078 Determining the context of a computing device that is powered off
3 8,387,057 Fast and linearizable concurrent priority queue via dynamic aggregation of operations
4 8,387,009 Pointer renaming in workqueuing execution model
5 8,386,823 Method and apparatus for cost and power efficient, scalable operating system independent services
6 8,386,808 Adaptive power budget allocation between multiple components in a computing system
7 8,386,807 Power management for processing unit
8 8,386,806 Integrated power management logic
9 8,386,788 Method and apparatus for loading a trustable operating system
10 8,386,701 Apparatus and method for multi-level cache utilization
11 8,386,682 Method, apparatus and system for maintaining transaction coherecy in a multiple data bus platform
12 8,386,676 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for transmitting data mask bits to a memory device
13 8,386,668 Querying a device for information
14 8,386,665 Method and apparatus for distributed direct memory access for systems on chip
15 8,386,650 Method to improve a solid state disk performance by using a programmable bus arbiter
16 8,386,626 Transmit scaling using multiple queues
17 8,386,618 System and method for facilitating wireless communication during a pre-boot phase of a computing device
18 8,386,594 Network controller circuitry to initiate, at least in part, one or more checkpoints
19 8,386,547 Instruction and logic for performing range detection
20 8,386,537 Method for trimming data on non-volatile flash media
21 8,386,388 Entitlement security and control
22 8,386,259 Voice interface to NFC applications
23 8,385,970 Channel width switching in multiple OBSS systems
24 8,385,866 Diversity receiver and method performed by a diversity receiver
25 8,385,827 Techniques for augmented functionality by sharing wireless resources
26 8,385,485 Adaptive control of clock spread to mitigate radio frequency interference
27 8,385,457 Methods and systems to compensate IQ imbalance in wideband zero-if tuners
28 8,385,415 System and method for intracoding and decoding video data
29 8,385,372 Time-based maintenance via a packet-oriented digital interface in radio-frequency transmitting and receiving assemblies
30 8,385,333 Mechanism for clock synchronization
31 8,385,330 System and method for call routing and paging across different types of networks
32 8,385,146 Memory throughput increase via fine granularity of precharge management
33 8,385,100 Energy-efficient set write of phase change memory with switch
34 8,385,012 Thermal management for a solid immersion lens objective in optical probing
35 8,384,488 Phase-lock in all-digital phase-locked loops
36 8,384,223 Backside mold process for ultra thin substrate and package on package assembly
37 8,384,128 Carrier mobility in surface-channel transistors, apparatus made therewith, and systems containing same
38 8,383,949 Method to form lateral pad on edge of wafer
39 8,383,459 Methods of processing a thermal interface material
40 8,382,503 Quick release retention mechanism for socketed microelectronic devices
41 8,381,985 Camera applications in a handheld device
42 8,381,393 Patch on interposer through PGA interconnect structures