Intel patents granted on 26 January 2010

35 US patents granted on 26 January 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,653,929 Power management apparatus, systems, and methods
2 7,653,906 Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption on simultaneous multi-threading systems
3 7,653,904 System for forming a critical update loop to continuously reload active thread state from a register storing thread state until another active thread is detected
4 7,653,864 Method and apparatus to perform error control
5 7,653,850 Delay fault detection using latch with error sampling
6 7,653,846 Memory cell bit valve loss detection and restoration
7 7,653,808 Providing selectable processor abstraction layer components within one BIOS program
8 7,653,786 Power reduction for processor front-end by caching decoded instructions
9 7,653,727 Cooperative embedded agents
10 7,653,392 Methods and systems for heterogeneous wireless network discovery and selection
11 7,653,368 Radio receiver and a method thereof
12 7,653,367 Squelch detector
13 7,653,257 Enhancing video sequence sharpness by adaptive peaking
14 7,653,196 Apparatus and method for performing RC4 ciphering
15 7,653,167 Phase deglitch circuit for phase interpolator for high-speed serial I/O applications
16 7,653,165 Pulse amplitude modulated system with reduced intersymbol interference
17 7,653,164 Adaptive IQ imbalance correction for multicarrier wireless communication systems
18 7,653,163 Systems for communicating using multiple frequency bands in a wireless network
19 7,653,147 Transmitter control
20 7,653,119 Extending orthogonal frequency division multiplexed wireless local area networks using direct sequence spread spectrum/complementary code keying
21 7,653,069 Two stage queue arbitration
22 7,653,035 Interference rejection in wireless receivers
23 7,653,032 Applying wireless network connection profiles using windows management instrumentation
24 7,653,014 Configuring a transmission mode between devices
25 7,652,910 Floating body memory array
26 7,652,882 Method and apparatus for dissipating heat from an electronic device
27 7,652,624 Millimeter-wave communication stations with directional antennas and methods for fast link recovery
28 7,652,459 Adaptive controller with mode tracking and parametric estimation for digital power converters
29 7,652,373 Power delivery using an integrated heat spreader
30 7,652,372 Microfluidic cooling of integrated circuits
31 7,652,272 Plasma-based debris mitigation for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light source
32 7,651,308 Carrier to hold semiconductor device using opposed rollers
33 7,651,021 Microball attachment using self-assembly for substrate bumping
34 7,651,020 Amphiphilic block copolymers for improved flux application
35 7,650,694 Method for forming multilayer substrate