Intel patents granted on 26 July 2016

15 US patents granted on 26 July 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,402,264 Methods to transport internet traffic over multiple wireless networks simultaneously
2 9,402,251 Enhanced physical downlink control channel scrambling and demodulation reference signal sequence generation
3 9,402,233 Distributed antenna system and method for enhanced positioning
4 9,402,228 Mechanisms for roaming between 3GPP operators and WLAN service providers
5 9,401,902 Method for exchanging strong encryption keys between devices using alternate input methods in wireless personal area networks (WPAN)
6 9,401,753 Native medium access control support for beamforming
7 9,401,046 Micropolygon splatting
8 9,400,921 Method and system using a data-driven model for monocular face tracking
9 9,400,895 Mechanisms for locking computing devices
10 9,400,702 Shared virtual memory
11 9,400,650 Read and write masks update instruction for vectorization of recursive computations over interdependent data
12 9,400,557 Multimodal haptic effect system
13 9,400,545 Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including autonomous hardware-based deep power down in devices
14 9,400,291 Integrated circuit test temperature control mechanism
15 9,400,181 Systems and methods for detection of magnetic and motion-based landmarks