Intel patents granted on 26 November 2013

34 US patents granted on 26 November 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 D694,232 Electronic computer with partially transparent input device
2 8,595,774 Identifying ancillary information associated with an audio/video program
3 8,595,762 Confirming video transmissions
4 8,595,729 Managing sequenced lock requests
5 8,595,603 Apparatus and methods for selective block decoding
6 8,595,597 Adjustable programming speed for NAND memory devices
7 8,595,536 Rate verification of an incoming serial alignment sequence
8 8,595,526 System and method for power reduction by sequestering at least one device or partition in a platform from operating system access
9 8,595,522 Monitoring transaction requests using a policy engine within a storage drive driver to change power capability and latency settings for a storage drive
10 8,595,505 Apparatus and method for direct anonymous attestation from bilinear maps
11 8,595,483 Associating a multi-context trusted platform module with distributed platforms
12 8,595,428 Memory controller functionalities to support data swizzling
13 8,595,274 Random number generator
14 8,595,025 Method for routing user service requests from a telemedicine station
15 8,594,723 Techniques for interworking between heterogeneous radios
16 8,594,718 Uplink power headroom calculation and reporting for OFDMA carrier aggregation communication system
17 8,594,695 Using location information to set radio transmitter characteristics for regulatory compliance
18 8,594,691 Arrangements for beam refinement in a wireless network
19 8,594,632 Device to-device (D2D) discovery without authenticating through cloud
20 8,594,387 Text capture and presentation device
21 8,594,249 Device and method for detecting a useful signal by detecting a periodic signal contained in the useful signal
22 8,594,179 Rate control method and apparatus
23 8,594,052 Method and apparatus of connectivity recovery in a wireless network
24 8,594,050 Techniques to control wireless personal area networks
25 8,594,002 Method and system of mapping displayport over a wireless interface
26 8,593,960 Providing a bufferless transport method for multi-dimensional mesh topology
27 8,593,934 Communication device and method for packet-based OFDM communications with differing length cyclic prefixes
28 8,593,474 Method and system for symmetric allocation for a shared L2 mapping cache
29 8,593,466 Tile rendering for image processing
30 8,593,309 Method for efficient decoding of variable length codes
31 8,593,231 System and method for amplitude contorl of a crystal oscillator
32 8,592,972 Thermally conductive device with a thermal interface material
33 8,592,803 Germanium-based quantum well devices
34 8,590,332 Apparatus and method for a thermal management of a memory device