Intel patents granted on 26 October 2010

30 US patents granted on 26 October 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,823,151 Method of ensuring the integrity of TLB entries after changing the translation mode of a virtualized operating system without requiring a flush of the TLB
2 7,823,041 Techniques for decoding information from signals received over multiple channels
3 7,822,998 Method and apparatus for thermal sensitivity based dynamic power control
4 7,822,979 Method and apparatus for secure execution using a secure memory partition
5 7,822,978 Quiescing a manageability engine
6 7,822,966 Extended trusted computing base
7 7,822,960 Platform management processor assisted resume
8 7,822,929 Two-hop cache coherency protocol
9 7,822,907 Methods and apparatuses for serial bus sideband communications
10 7,822,900 Apparatus and method for enumeration of processors during hot-plug of a compute node
11 7,822,791 Method and apparatus for flash memory reclaim
12 7,822,440 Method and apparatus for operating a communication station
13 7,822,405 Power saving in VoIP transmission apparatus, systems, and methods
14 7,822,398 Device, system, and method of phased-array calibration
15 7,822,135 MIMO transmitter and method for transmitting an OFDM symbol in accordance with an IEEE 802.11 communication standard over a plurality of spatial channels
16 7,822,128 Multiple antenna multicarrier transmitter and method for adaptive beamforming with transmit-power normalization
17 7,822,002 Dynamic address redemption by proxy in statically addressed wireless personal area networks
18 7,821,898 Techniques to store and access information using a holographic medium
19 7,821,246 Voltage regulator and method of calibrating the same
20 7,821,131 Substrate including barrier solder bumps to control underfill transgression and microelectronic package including same
21 7,821,126 Heat sink with preattached thermal interface material and method of making same
22 7,821,073 Patterned backside stress engineering for transistor performance optimization
23 7,821,061 Silicon germanium and germanium multigate and nanowire structures for logic and multilevel memory applications
24 7,821,045 Apparatus, system, and method for multiple-segment floating gate
25 7,821,044 Transistor with improved tip profile and method of manufacture thereof
26 7,820,550 Negative tone double patterning method
27 7,820,513 Nonplanar semiconductor device with partially or fully wrapped around gate electrode and methods of fabrication
28 7,820,512 Spacer patterned augmentation of tri-gate transistor gate length
29 7,820,454 Programmable electromagnetic array for molecule transport
30 7,818,878 Integrated circuit device mounting with folded substrate and interposer