Intel patents granted on 27 August 2013

44 US patents granted on 27 August 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,522,337 Selecting a security format conversion for wired and wireless devices
2 8,522,322 Platform firmware armoring technology
3 8,522,242 Conditional batch buffer execution
4 8,522,236 Method and system for establishing a robust virtualized environment
5 8,522,223 Automatic function call in multithreaded application
6 8,522,220 Post-pass binary adaptation for software-based speculative precomputation
7 8,522,189 Functional fabric based test access mechanism for SoCs
8 8,522,066 Providing silicon integrated code for a system
9 8,522,063 Non main CPU/OS based operational environment
10 8,522,044 Mechanism to handle events in a machine with isolated execution
11 8,522,030 Verification and protection of genuine software installation using hardware super key
12 8,521,995 Handling operating system (OS) transitions in an unbounded transactional memory (UTM) mode
13 8,521,994 Interleaving corresponding data elements from part of two source registers to destination register in processor operable to perform saturation
14 8,521,993 Providing thread fairness by biasing selection away from a stalling thread using a stall-cycle counter in a hyper-threaded microprocessor
15 8,521,969 Apparatus and method for directing micro architectural memory region accesses
16 8,521,965 Hardware acceleration for a software transactional memory system
17 8,521,944 Performing memory accesses using memory context information
18 8,521,899 Multi-out media distribution system and method
19 8,521,855 Centralized server-directed power management in a distributed computing system
20 8,521,817 Social network system and method of operation
21 8,521,134 Proximity based security protocol for processor-based systems
22 8,521,118 Circuit arrangement with radio-frequency mixer, and receiver arrangement with the circuit arrangement
23 8,521,109 Radio communication devices, information providers, methods for controlling a radio communication device and methods for controlling an information provider
24 8,521,107 Minimizing mutual coupling
25 8,521,089 Reducing co-channel interference
26 8,521,006 Boundary detection in media streams
27 8,520,946 Human pose estimation in visual computing
28 8,520,845 Method and apparatus for expansion key generation for block ciphers
29 8,520,739 Method and apparatus for adaptively reducing artifacts in block-coded video
30 8,520,728 Adaptive data transmission rate control for a wireless display device
31 8,520,648 Beacon transmission techniques in directional wireless networks
32 8,520,525 Method of transmitting data and communication device
33 8,520,515 Wireless performance improvement via client-free forward error correction
34 8,520,428 Combined data level-shifter and DE-skewer
35 8,520,140 Mode based film mode detection
36 8,519,938 Intelligent automatic backlight control scheme
37 8,519,937 Digitally modulated image projection system
38 8,519,814 Switchable transformer with embedded switches inside the windings
39 8,519,798 Phase-locked loop based chaotic spread spectrum generator
40 8,519,510 Semiconductor structure having an integrated quadruple-wall capacitor for embedded dynamic random access memory (eDRAM) and method to form the same
41 8,519,462 6F2 DRAM cell
42 8,518,768 Extreme high mobility CMOS logic
43 8,518,750 Flexible interconnect pattern on semiconductor package
44 8,517,675 Blower fan for low profile environment