Intel patents granted on 27 December 2011

25 US patents granted on 27 December 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 8,087,024 Multiple multi-threaded processors having an L1 instruction cache and a shared L2 instruction cache
2 8,087,018 Managing and supporting multithreaded resources for native code in a heterogeneous managed runtime environment
3 8,086,879 Powering on devices via intermediate computing device
4 8,086,839 Authentication for resume boot path
5 8,086,837 Method and apparatus to store initialization and configuration information
6 8,086,833 Method and system for linking firmware modules in a pre-memory execution environment
7 8,086,827 Mechanism for irrevocable transactions
8 8,086,718 Automated process and apparatus for providing integrated management and control of computer networks
9 8,086,707 Systems and methods for grid agent management
10 8,086,110 Optical wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) system including adaptive cross-talk cancellation
11 8,085,859 Platform noise mitigation
12 8,085,803 Method and apparatus for improving quality of service for packetized voice
13 8,085,772 Packet forwarding
14 8,085,769 Scaling egress network traffic
15 8,085,765 Distributed exterior gateway protocol
16 8,085,737 Multi-transceiver mobile communication device and methods for negative scheduling
17 8,085,695 Bootstrapping devices using automatic configuration services
18 8,085,653 Beamforming with nulling techniques for wireless communications networks
19 8,085,535 Fan casing integrated heat spreader for active cooling of computing system skins
20 8,085,190 Method and apparatus for faster global positioning system (GPS) location using a pre-computed spatial location for tracking GPS satellites
21 8,084,867 Apparatus, system, and method for wireless connection in integrated circuit packages
22 8,084,856 Thermal spacer for stacked die package thermal management
23 8,084,818 High mobility tri-gate devices and methods of fabrication
24 8,084,282 Wafer-level In-P Si bonding for silicon photonic apparatus
25 8,084,202 Optical detection for electronic microarrays