Intel patents granted on 27 December 2016

62 US patents granted on 27 December 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,532,400 Radio communication devices and cellular wide area radio base station
2 9,532,376 System and method for controlling a licensed shared access radio
3 9,532,370 Apparatus, method and system of controlling communications of a multi-radio device
4 9,532,316 PUCCH resource compression for EPDCCH in TDD mode
5 9,532,255 Measurement triggers for customer care in a wireless network
6 9,532,239 Wireless network location techniques
7 9,532,213 Lawful interception for device-to-device (D2D) communication
8 9,532,099 Distributed media stream synchronization control
9 9,532,048 Hierarchical motion estimation employing nonlinear scaling and adaptive source block size
10 9,532,041 Method and system for automatic focus with self-calibration
11 9,531,916 Preventing pattern recognition in electronic code book encryption
12 9,531,888 Intelligent ringer in smartphones
13 9,531,863 System and method for gesture-based management
14 9,531,806 Method and apparatus for requesting media replication in a collaborative communication session, and method and apparatus for assigning a communication medium for a collaborative communication session
15 9,531,777 Distributing intelligence across networks
16 9,531,455 Feedback scheme for MU-MIMO
17 9,531,450 Apparatus, system and method of beam selection for beamformed diversity wireless communication
18 9,531,446 Use of location information in multi-radio devices for mmWave beamforming
19 9,531,443 Techniques for communication with tag devices
20 9,531,399 Linearity improvement for high resolution RFDAC
21 9,531,393 Phase frequency detector
22 9,531,352 Latched comparator circuit
23 9,531,197 Non-contact power transmission apparatus
24 9,531,076 Electrically tunable miniature antenna
25 9,530,878 III-N material structure for gate-recessed transistors
26 9,530,758 3D integrated circuit package with through-mold first level interconnects
27 9,530,747 Solder in cavity interconnection structures
28 9,530,740 3D interconnect structure comprising through-silicon vias combined with fine pitch backside metal redistribution lines fabricated using a dual damascene type approach
29 9,530,733 Forming layers of materials over small regions by selective chemical reaction including limiting enchroachment of the layers over adjacent regions
30 9,530,718 DBF film as a thermal interface material
31 9,530,688 Directed self assembly of block copolymers to form vias aligned with interconnects
32 9,530,523 Thermal disturb as heater in cross-point memory
33 9,530,513 Methods and apparatus to read memory cells based on clock pulse counts
34 9,530,468 Method, apparatus and system to manage implicit pre-charge command signaling
35 9,530,461 Architectures and techniques for providing low-power storage mechanisms
36 9,530,404 System and method of automatic speech recognition using on-the-fly word lattice generation with word histories
37 9,530,387 Adjusting direct memory access transfers used in video decoding
38 9,530,386 Methods and apparatus to provide extended graphics processing capabilities
39 9,530,294 Methods and apparatus for pairing items for security
40 9,530,178 Non-volatile storage for graphics hardware
41 9,530,027 Device lock for transit
42 9,530,017 Secure printing between printer and print client device
43 9,529,997 Centralized platform settings management for virtualized and multi OS systems
44 9,529,805 Systems and methods for providing dynamic file system awareness on storage devices
45 9,529,802 System and method for generating homogeneous metadata from pre-existing metadata
46 9,529,765 Integrated circuit (IC) with reconfigurable digital voltage regulator fabric
47 9,529,715 Hybrid hardware and software implementation of transactional memory access
48 9,529,708 Apparatus for configuring partitions within phase change memory of tablet computer with integrated memory controller emulating mass storage to storage driver based on request from software
49 9,529,668 Method and system for using NAND page buffers to improve the transfer buffer utilization of a solid state drive
50 9,529,665 Double consecutive error correction
51 9,529,660 Apparatus and method for detecting single flip-error in a complementary resistive memory
52 9,529,645 Methods and apparatus to manage speculative execution of object locks by diverting the speculative execution of target code
53 9,529,596 Method and apparatus for scheduling instructions in a multi-strand out of order processor with instruction synchronization bits and scoreboard bits
54 9,529,592 Vector mask memory access instructions to perform individual and sequential memory access operations if an exception occurs during a full width memory access operation
55 9,529,591 SIMD variable shift and rotate using control manipulation
56 9,529,587 Refactoring data flow applications without source code changes or recompilation
57 9,529,583 Single microcontroller based management of multiple compute nodes
58 9,529,567 Digital processor having instruction set with complex exponential non-linear function
59 9,529,480 Tap zones for near field coupling devices
60 9,529,393 Multi-function key in a keyboard for an electronic device
61 9,529,077 Polled time-of-flight response
62 9,526,285 Flexible computing fabric