Intel patents granted on 27 March 2012

33 US patents granted on 27 March 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,146,150 Security management in multi-node, multi-processor platforms
2 8,146,142 Device introduction and access control framework
3 8,146,106 On-demand emulation via user-level exception handling
4 8,146,089 Sharing resources of a partitioned system
5 8,146,078 Timer offsetting mechanism in a virtual machine environment
6 8,145,929 Stochastic management of power consumption by computer systems
7 8,145,926 Fan speed control of silicon based devices in low power mode to reduce platform power
8 8,145,920 Techniques for collaborative power management for heterogeneous networks
9 8,145,897 Direct anonymous attestation scheme with outsourcing capability
10 8,145,893 Hot-plugging a memory device
11 8,145,878 Accessing control and status register (CSR)
12 8,145,816 System and method for deadlock free bus protection of resources during search execution
13 8,145,772 Method for sending data, and communication device
14 8,145,756 Dynamic network identity architecture
15 8,145,732 Live network configuration within a link based computing system
16 8,145,625 Methods and systems for optimizing data accesses
17 8,145,243 Techniques for location management and paging in a communication system
18 8,145,015 Device, system, and method for indexing digital image frames
19 8,144,864 Method for speeding up the computations for characteristic 2 elliptic curve cryptographic systems
20 8,144,797 CQI table for wireless MIMO networks
21 8,144,579 Wireless performance improvement via client-free forward error correction
22 8,144,529 System and method for delay locked loop relock mode
23 8,144,406 Thermal management for a solid immersion lens objective in optical probing
24 8,144,147 Hierarchical bounding of displaced parametric surfaces
25 8,143,936 Application of control signal and forward body-bias signal to an active device
26 8,143,911 Input/output driver swing control and supply noise rejection
27 8,143,721 Package substrate dynamic pressure structure
28 8,143,697 Method, apparatus, and system for low temperature deposition and irradiation annealing of thin film capacitor
29 8,143,646 Stacking fault and twin blocking barrier for integrating III-V on Si
30 8,143,159 Fabrication of interconnects in a low-k interlayer dielectrics
31 8,143,158 Method and device of preventing delamination of semiconductor layers
32 8,143,110 Methods and apparatuses to stiffen integrated circuit package
33 8,142,878 Heat resistant halogen free substrate core material