Intel patents granted on 27 May 2008

30 US patents granted on 27 May 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 7,380,278 Protecting software environment in isolated execution
2 7,380,276 Processor extensions and software verification to support type-safe language environments running with untrusted code
3 7,380,240 Apparatus and methods to avoid floating point control instructions in floating point to integer conversion
4 7,380,238 Method for dynamically adding new code to an application program
5 7,380,180 Method, system, and apparatus for tracking defective cache lines
6 7,380,169 Converting merge buffer system-kill errors to process-kill errors
7 7,380,168 System development tool
8 7,380,137 Content guard system for copy protection of recordable media
9 7,380,136 Methods and apparatus for secure collection and display of user interface information in a pre-boot environment
10 7,380,111 Out-of-order processing with predicate prediction and validation with correct RMW partial write new predicate register values
11 7,380,099 Apparatus and method for an address generation circuit
12 7,380,095 System and method for simulating real-mode memory access with access to extended memory
13 7,380,085 Memory adapted to provide dedicated and or shared memory to multiple processors and method therefor
14 7,380,084 Dynamic detection of block boundaries on memory reads
15 7,380,063 Cache flushing
16 7,380,049 Memory protection within a virtual partition
17 7,380,048 System and method for managing data in memory for reducing power consumption
18 7,379,858 Computation of all-pairs reaching probabilities in software systems
19 7,379,560 Method and apparatus for monitoring human attention in dynamic power management
20 7,379,511 Method for reducing DC offset error for single ended and differential signals
21 7,379,491 Flop repeater circuit
22 7,379,460 Packet processing system
23 7,378,894 Method and system for clock routing and compensation
24 7,378,833 Supply voltage characteristic measurement
25 7,378,742 Compliant interconnects for semiconductors and micromachines
26 7,378,726 Stacked packages with interconnecting pins
27 7,378,725 Semiconducting device with stacked dice
28 7,378,688 Method and apparatus for a low noise JFET device on a standard CMOS process
29 7,378,331 Methods of vertically stacking wafers using porous silicon
30 7,377,961 Hydrogen vent for optoelectronic packages with resistive thermal device (RTD)