Intel patents granted on 27 November 2007

30 US patents granted on 27 November 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,302,697 Broadcast pause and resume for enhanced television
2 7,302,693 Remote control inputs to Java applications
3 7,302,680 Data repacking for memory accesses
4 7,302,652 Leakage control in integrated circuits
5 7,302,593 Method for remotely querying a blade server’s physical location within a rack of blade servers
6 7,302,589 Method for securing memory mapped control registers
7 7,302,549 Processing packet sequence using same function set pipelined multiple threads spanning over multiple processing engines and having exclusive data access
8 7,302,528 Caching bypass
9 7,302,514 Device, system, and method of virtual machine memory mapping
10 7,302,511 Chipset support for managing hardware interrupts in a virtual machine system
11 7,302,381 Specifying arbitrary words in rule-based grammars
12 7,302,246 Programmable gain amplifier with self-adjusting offset correction
13 7,302,055 Discharging envelope detector
14 7,302,024 Method of and apparatus for detecting impulsive noise, method of operating a demodulator, demodulator and radio receiver
15 7,301,998 Filter with signal taps temporally spaced at fractional symbol intervals
16 7,301,987 Background processing and searching for a communication channel
17 7,301,983 Method for using codebook indexing to achieve high bit densities in a direct-sequence CDMA spread spectrum communication system
18 7,301,958 Cycle-efficient TDM timeslot remapping for network processing engines
19 7,301,547 Augmented reality system
20 7,301,424 Flexible waveguide cable with a dielectric core
21 7,301,391 Filtering variable offset amplifier
22 7,301,313 Multiple voltage regulators for use with a single load
23 7,300,871 Method of doping a conductive layer near a via
24 7,300,860 Integrated circuit with metal layer having carbon nanotubes and methods of making same
25 7,300,724 Interference multilayer capping design for multilayer reflective mask blanks
26 7,300,303 Method and apparatus for attaching flexible circuit to a rigid printed circuit board
27 7,300,244 Cooling fan noise reduction apparatus, systems, and methods
28 7,299,639 Thermoelectric module
29 7,299,537 Method of making an integrated inductor
30 7,299,529 Film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) process using single-step resonator layer deposition