Intel patents granted on 27 November 2012

30 US patents granted on 27 November 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 RE43,836 Dynamic forward error correction
2 8,321,931 Method and apparatus for sequential hypervisor invocation
3 8,321,916 Method, apparatus and system for remote management of mobile devices
4 8,321,840 Software flow tracking using multiple threads
5 8,321,778 Efficient in-band reliability with separate cyclic redundancy code frames
6 8,321,730 Scan architecture and design methodology yielding significant reduction in scan area and power overhead
7 8,321,719 Efficient clocking scheme for a bidirectional data link
8 8,321,671 Method and apparatus for client-driven profile update in an enterprise wireless network
9 8,321,615 Source core interrupt steering
10 8,321,600 Asymmetrical universal serial bus communications
11 8,321,587 Method for discovery and routing using a priori knowledge in the form of application programme within mobile ad-hoc networks
12 8,321,562 Determining a value according to a statistical operation in a monitored living area
13 8,321,501 Secure out-of-band storage control
14 8,321,440 String search scheme in a distributed architecture
15 8,321,362 Methods and apparatus to dynamically optimize platforms
16 8,321,351 Device management in a wireless network
17 8,321,290 Business process and apparatus for online purchases using a rule-based transferable shopping basket
18 8,320,942 Wireless device with directional antennas for use in millimeter-wave peer-to-peer networks and methods for adaptive beam steering
19 8,320,881 Proximity based security protocol for processor-based systems
20 8,320,695 Method, terminal and computer-readable recording medium for deblurring barcode image
21 8,320,463 Reference data buffer for intra-prediction of digital video
22 8,320,346 Apparatus and methods for universal services interface networking
23 8,320,203 Method and system to lower the minimum operating voltage of register files
24 8,319,318 Forming metal filled die back-side film for electromagnetic interference shielding with coreless packages
25 8,319,287 Tunable gate electrode work function material for transistor applications
26 8,319,237 Integrated optical receiver architecture for high speed optical I/O applications
27 8,318,536 Utilizing aperture with phase shift feature in forming microvias
28 8,318,505 Virtual semiconductor nanowire, and methods of using same
29 8,317,878 Enabling a service to return lost laptops
30 8,317,107 Chip-spacer integrated radio frequency ID tags, methods of making same, and systems containing same