Intel patents granted on 27 October 2009

25 US patents granted on 27 October 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,610,585 Thread synchronization methods and apparatus for managed run-time environments
2 7,610,522 Compliance of master-slave modes for low-level debug of serial links
3 7,610,500 Link power saving state
4 7,610,493 System and methods for adapting to attacks on cryptographic processes on multiprocessor systems with shared cache
5 7,610,481 Method and apparatus to support independent systems in partitions of a processing system
6 7,610,451 Data transfer mechanism using unidirectional pull bus and push bus
7 7,610,448 Obscuring memory access patterns
8 7,610,310 Method and system for the protected storage of downloaded media content via a virtualized platform
9 7,610,033 Radio frequency tuner
10 7,609,792 Multiple-input multiple-output multichip transceiver with correlated clock signals
11 7,609,780 Method and apparatus for performing sequential closed loop multiple input multiple output (MIMO)
12 7,609,776 Quadrature frequency changer, tuner and modulator
13 7,609,765 Fast multi-frame motion estimation with adaptive search strategies
14 7,609,723 Packet combining on PCI express
15 7,609,708 Dynamic buffer configuration
16 7,609,616 Sparse channel estimation for orthogonal frequency division multiplexed signals
17 7,609,575 Method, apparatus and system for N-dimensional sparse memory using serial optical memory
18 7,609,574 Method, apparatus and system for global shared memory using serial optical memory
19 7,609,564 Systems and techniques for non-volatile memory buffering
20 7,609,562 Configurable device ID in non-volatile memory
21 7,609,091 Link transmitter with reduced power consumption
22 7,609,047 Dynamically configurable voltage regulator for integrated circuits
23 7,608,883 Transistor for non volatile memory devices having a carbon nanotube channel and electrically floating quantum dots in its gate dielectric
24 7,608,470 Interconnection device including one or more embedded vias and method of producing the same
25 7,608,305 Methods for uniform metal impregnation into a nanoporous material