Intel patents granted on 27 October 2015

43 US patents granted on 27 October 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 D741,825 Set-top box
2 9,173,221 Apparatus, system and method of establishing a wireless beamformed link
3 9,173,200 Communication terminal, network component, base station and method for communicating
4 9,173,191 Device, system and method of simultaneously communicating with a group of wireless communication devices
5 9,173,124 Systems and methods for wireless signal measurement and reporting for device to-device communication
6 9,173,097 Techniques for auto-authentication
7 9,173,095 Techniques for authenticating a device for wireless docking
8 9,173,023 Multiple device noise reduction microphone array
9 9,172,969 Local macroblock information buffer
10 9,172,788 Disabling of wireless transmission of wireless communication devices using messages
11 9,172,570 Compensation of oscillator frequency pulling
12 9,172,528 Method and apparatus for allowing software access to navigational data in a decrypted media stream while protecting stream payloads
13 9,172,451 Method and devices for multiple station sounding in a wireless local area network
14 9,172,442 Apparatus, system and method of transmit power control for wireless communication
15 9,172,428 Determining the spectral energy content of a data bus
16 9,172,399 Updating variable nodes associated with an iterative decoder
17 9,172,338 Transformer-based RF power amplifier
18 9,172,160 Vertical socket contact with flat force response
19 9,171,816 High density substrate routing in BBUL package
20 9,171,357 Method, apparatus and computer-readable recording medium for refocusing photographed image
21 9,171,165 Methods, systems, and apparatuses to facilitate configuration of a hardware device in a platform
22 9,171,163 Mutually assured data sharing between distrusting parties in a network environment
23 9,171,159 Performing security operations using binary translation
24 9,171,146 Method and system for monitoring calls to an application program interface (API) function
25 9,171,141 Adaptive virtual keyboard for handheld device
26 9,171,103 Concurrent insertion of elements into data structures
27 9,170,968 Device, system and method of multi-channel processing
28 9,170,964 USB device interrupt signal
29 9,170,955 Providing extended cache replacement state information
30 9,170,947 Recovering from data errors using implicit redundancy
31 9,170,946 Directory cache supporting non-atomic input/output operations
32 9,170,940 Techniques to prelink software to improve memory de-duplication in a virtual system
33 9,170,835 Apparatus and method for expedited virtual machine (VM) launch in VM cluster environment
34 9,170,815 Bitstream buffer manipulation with a SIMD merge instruction
35 9,170,814 Bitstream buffer manipulation with a SIMD merge instruction
36 9,170,813 Method and apparatus for performing logical compare operations
37 9,170,792 Dynamic optimization of pipelined software
38 9,170,789 Analyzing potential benefits of vectorization
39 9,170,776 Digital signal processor having instruction set with a logarithm function using reduced look-up table
40 9,170,772 Method and apparatus for decimal floating-point data logical extraction
41 9,170,626 Performance reduction limit for power consumption device
42 9,170,624 User level control of power management policies
43 9,170,616 Quiet system cooling using coupled optimization between integrated micro porous absorbers and rotors