Intel patents granted on 27 September 2016

51 US patents granted on 27 September 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D767,578 Folding keyboard
2 D767,565 Insert for a wearable electronic display device
3 D767,563 Electronic tablet device
4 9,456,521 Ceiling or floor space mountable heat control system using network computing devices
5 9,456,462 Method, apparatus and system of frame tunneling operation of multiple frequency bands device
6 9,456,451 Method and system for managing radio resources in a time-slotted communication system
7 9,456,415 Physical-layer cell identity (PCI) partition for heterogeneous networks
8 9,456,406 Cell discovery and wake up through device-to-device discovery protocols
9 9,456,405 User equipment and methods for operation in coverage enhancement mode with physical random access channel preamble
10 9,456,378 End-to-end (E2E) tunneling for multi-radio access technology (multi-rat)
11 9,456,373 Cell search method and communication terminal
12 9,456,368 Measuring link performance using multiple radio access networks
13 9,456,305 Apparatus, system and method of selecting location providers
14 9,456,244 Facilitation of concurrent consumption of media content by multiple users using superimposed animation
15 9,456,059 Methods and arrangements for extension frames in wireless networks
16 9,455,922 Technologies for moderating packet ingress interrupt generation
17 9,455,811 Channel state information-reference signal patterns for time division duplex systems in long term evolution wireless networks
18 9,455,810 On the definition of the resource block in OFDMA/UL MUMIMO in HEW
19 9,455,797 Network system configured for resolving forward error correction during a link training sequence
20 9,455,752 Apparatus and method for adaptive common mode noise decomposition and tuning
21 9,455,727 Open-loop voltage regulation and drift compensation for digitally controlled oscillator (DCO)
22 9,455,726 XOR (exclusive or) based triangular mixing for digital phase control
23 9,455,529 Proximity capacitive coupling for board-to-board wide bandwidth transmissions
24 9,455,343 Hybrid phase field effect transistor
25 9,455,224 Semiconductor interconnect structures
26 9,455,218 Embedded die-down package-on-package device
27 9,455,161 Semiconductor device and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
28 9,455,150 Conformal thin film deposition of electropositive metal alloy films
29 9,455,011 Methods and systems to read a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) based memory cell based on a pulsed read current
30 9,454,992 Method and system to play linear video in variable time frames
31 9,454,865 Methods and systems to securely load / reload acontactless payment device
32 9,454,851 Efficient approach to estimate disparity map
33 9,454,678 Always-available embedded theft reaction subsystem
34 9,454,676 Technologies for preventing hook-skipping attacks using processor virtualization features
35 9,454,507 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for performing a conversion of a writemask register to a list of index values in a vector register
36 9,454,499 Asynchronous communication between devices
37 9,454,497 Technologies for secure inter-virtual-machine shared memory communication
38 9,454,380 Computing platform performance management with RAS services
39 9,454,379 Collaborative processor and system performance and power management
40 9,454,371 Micro-architecture for eliminating MOV operations
41 9,454,329 Mirroring memory commands to memory devices
42 9,454,224 Remote wearable input sources for electronic devices
43 9,454,218 Apparatus, method, and system for early deep sleep state exit of a processing element
44 9,454,214 Memory state management for electronic device
45 9,454,213 Method, apparatus, system for lane staggering and determinism for serial high speed I/O lanes
46 9,454,210 Controlling power management in micro-server cores and peripherals
47 9,454,204 Negotiating a transmit wake time
48 9,454,201 Detecting access to powered down device
49 9,454,199 Power management control of remote servers
50 9,453,902 Dead zone location detection apparatus and method
51 9,453,309 Technologies for communicating roadway information