Intel patents granted on 28 April 2009

33 US patents granted on 28 April 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,526,792 Integration of policy compliance enforcement and device authentication
2 7,526,786 Content programmer control of video and data display using associated data
3 7,526,663 Method and apparatus for reducing the power consumed by a computer system
4 7,526,661 Performance state-based thread management
5 7,526,649 Session key exchange
6 7,526,590 Systems and methods for remote pipe resource management in wireless adapters
7 7,526,570 Advanced switching optimal unicast and multicast communication paths based on SLS transport protocol
8 7,526,308 Adaptive control physical carrier sense parameters in wireless networks
9 7,526,303 Method and apparatus to manage power in a communication system
10 7,526,202 Architecture and method for framing optical control and data bursts within optical transport unit structures in photonic burst-switched networks
11 7,526,124 Match MSB digital image compression
12 7,525,989 System, method and device for time slot status messaging among SONET nodes
13 7,525,986 Starvation prevention scheme for a fixed priority PCI-Express arbiter with grant counters using arbitration pools
14 7,525,977 Control mechanism for mapping cells and packets
15 7,525,967 Techniques to control access to logic
16 7,525,962 Reducing memory access bandwidth consumption in a hierarchical packet scheduler
17 7,525,958 Apparatus and method for two-stage packet classification using most specific filter matching and transport level sharing
18 7,525,865 Control circuit for refreshing voltages in a non-volatile memory during a standby mode and a method thereof
19 7,525,861 Memory power delivery noise suppression
20 7,525,840 Memory array with pseudo single bit memory cell and method
21 7,525,794 Expandable acoustic chamber for computer systems
22 7,525,723 Circuit board-to-circuit board connectors having electro-optic modulators
23 7,525,405 Method of making an electrical inductor using a sacrificial electrode
24 7,525,219 Providing power to a module
25 7,525,197 Barrier process/structure for transistor trench contact applications
26 7,525,196 Protection of seedlayer for electroplating
27 7,525,160 Multigate device with recessed strain regions
28 7,525,140 Integrated thin film capacitors with adhesion holes for the improvement of adhesion strength
29 7,524,765 Direct tailoring of the composition and density of ALD films
30 7,524,754 Interconnect shunt used for current distribution and reliability redundancy
31 7,524,727 Gate electrode having a capping layer
32 7,524,351 Nano-sized metals and alloys, and methods of assembling packages containing same
33 7,524,199 Pick-and-place cap for socket assembly